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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dance studio Venus: Kathy Shower for 11.5 million views

Venus Observations has just passed eleven and a half million views so we looked around for a suitable geographical location with a matching population and the closet is the state of Ohio.  Surprisingly Ohio has produced more Playmates than any other states except Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida and the clear winner, California.  

Having looked at the 27 Playmates concerned our clear favourite was Miss May 1985, Kathy Shower.  

We remember buying this issue and being impressed with her double page dance studio shot (top) as well as this smaller one.  What a cute little outfit!

Several other pictures of her taken in the same setting were rather more revealing than usual for the period but all have that nice eighties workout vibe.  

We had a girlfriend in this period who went to regular classes at Pineapple Dance Studio in London and always floated around her flat in Battersea barely dressed in wispy bits of nothing just like this.

When Shower appeared in Playboy she was not only already a mother of two but, at 33, was the oldest Playmate to date.  She had already had a number of TV roles before her Playboy appearance and acted for more than fifteen years; including a 46 episode run in TV soap Santa Barbara from 1985 to 1986.


  1. I remember Kathy Shower very well. A couple of these photos I'd never seen before so many thanks for that.
    What about Playmate Barbara Edwards sometime?

    1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you post for the exquisite Barbara Edwards.

  2. Being from Ohio, the women are actually more beautiful than the state's reputation, with the best quality coming from the still vast agricultural areas of the state. (Kentucky's way overrated, on the other hand, ugh...two words: obesity crisis.)

  3. Kathy holds the distinction of being the oldest Playmate of the Year ever. She was crowned 1986 PMOY at the age of 33.