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Friday, September 25, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 75: Yanez Lancaster, August 1981

We haven't had many Centrefold Girls of the Month from Mayfair magazine so here we present the engagingly smiling Yanez Lancaster.  

This issue was from August 1981 and our posting of this makes us up to date with our August centrefolds.

Mayfair usually gave the names of the photographers for its pictorials but in this case, for some reason, they did not.

Yanez is just the sort of "dark and obvious" lady that Triple P likes (according to one of our friends anyway) and her whole pictorial is illuminated by her lovely smile.

According to Mayfair, Yanez was the sister of a girl called Yolanda who they said had appeared in the May issue from that year.  They said they both originated in Denver, Colorado.  We will look at Yolanda, shortly.

The pictorial starts with her fully clothed and then she gradually removes her sheer knickers and pink dress. 

Most UK men's magazines had, since the end of 1977, backed off from the spread thighs approach seen across the Atlantic but Mayfair was even more chaste and this barely visible glimpse of Yanez's bits was unusual for the magazine.  It wasn't until Paul Raymond bought the magazine later in the decade that they went the way of the others.

We have no idea if Yolanda was American as another UK magazine claimed she was half English and half Indian.

One notable thing about her, considering that this was the eighties, was the thick line of hair running from her pubis up to and even past her belly button.  Most unusual for the period but rather delightful.

This is very much our favourite shot from the Mayfair pictorial where gravity is doing delightful things to her bust.

So we like the Mediterranean looking Yanez with her delightfully unkempt nether regions.

 Chic February 1981

She appeared in a number of other magazines in the early eighties with her most high profile appearance being in February 1981's Chic.

Most of her other appearances were in less well known magazines.  She posed in a far more assertive way than she had in Mayfair for most of these publications.

She did a girl/girl set for Britain's Whitehouse All Colour Digest where she appeared in the centrefold. 


Yolanda as Pat Benedict in Mayfair May 1981

Her sister, Yolanda, went under quite a few aliases but appeared in rather more well known magazines.  Interestingly her appearance in May 1981's Mayfair which was mentioned in Yanez's August pictorial was under the name Pat Benedict.

Whitehouse issue 90

Players Girls Pictorial

Men Only October 1980

Knave January 1981

As did her sister, she posed (twice) for Mayfair in typically less explicit poses but also raunched it up for other magazines.

Her most high profile shoot was for the cover and centrefold of January 1982's Cavalier.

Finally, the two sisters did a pictorial which appeared in Whitehouse All Colour Digest number 32 where they get really rather touchy-feely with each other.

Goodness me!


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  4. Though I believe she's European, that does seem to be her in 'Chic'. Interesting, as it also appears to be her in the elaborate 'Beauty & The Beast' set in the April '81 'Hustler' - she passes quite well as Latina.