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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Redheaded Venus 15: Absinthe Robette

We haven't had a redheaded Venus as such for some time, so here is a striking poster by the Belgain artist Henri Privat-Livemont (1861–1936).  He began his studies at the School of Decorative Arts in Brussels but in 1883 won a scholarship to study art in Paris.  He worked at the studios of Lemaire, Lavastre & Duvignaud and, with Lemaire, helped create the interior decor of the Hotel de Ville and the Theatre Francais.  In 1889 he returned to Brussels and for the next decade produced a series of posters, in a somewhat Mucha-esque style, such as this one, which was published in 1896.

Bar of the Inter-Continental Montreal

Triple P has quite a lot of experience of Absinthe; in Prague and memorably at the St Regis, Washington DC when they served it, for a brief period, where we ended up in a slightly embarrassing situation with one of my lady friend's mother (it certainly made her heart grow fonder).  It was also served properly in the Inter-Continental in Montreal where I had it with my particular friend S from Vancouver (it made all of her parts grow fonder).


  1. Haha! Sounds like Absinthe has served to create some stories for you! I've only had it once, in New Orleans. Can't say I was too fond of its taste, although it did start off a very fun evening.

    1. Yes, I'm not sure I am that fond of the taste either but it's effect, even in the neutered form on sale today, is pretty powerful!

  2. Tastes best providing the herbt undertow in a Sazerac, fill tumbler with ice, rinse with a shot of absinthe, add Peychaud's bitters and Rye or Brandy... Other embellishments are available

  3. Not interested in Absynthe but the poster is awesome! I got a print of this one in Paris and I love it. Found the poster for real cheap in Amazon and I'm ordering it now. Thank you 3P!

  4. At a rather fine steakhouse on the waterfront in San Francisco, I asked for a glass of Ricard pastis to finish off my meal after dessert only to be offered what was claimed to be an acceptable substitute, Herbsaint.

    Well, I can cross that off my bucket list and the waiter was quite offended when I suggested the best use of their entire stock would be as toilet bowl cleaner. As for the taste, the best I can do is to echo the words of the immortal Montgomery Scoot when he declared "It's green"