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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 55: Rosie Whails (Linda Gordon), December 1976

Time for another pussy presenting popsy in the sumptuous form of Rosie Whails.  In fact, as we discovered during our work on our post on the Penthouse girl/girl set Women in Love, which we recently posted on our Seduction of Venus blog, "Rosie" is actually popular late seventies model Linda Gordon.

She was not only the centrefold but also the covergirl on Men Only's December 1976 issue.  Indeed, her cover shot was one of the most sexually charged in the magazine's history as she flaunts her famously asymmetric nipples, grasps her pussy and looks ecstatic.

Men Only had only just started to show their models genitals, with a few subtle examples in late 1975.  Within a year however they would have their girls presenting their pussies as assertively as this with Linda pulling her labia apart in what would become a characteristic pose for her.   From this first shot in the pictorial, Fred Enke made it quite clear the approach he was taking and would continue to take as he focussed on the girl's bits in a way that was very racy for the UK market at the time.

Pussy stroking was also new to UK magazines but this double page spread has Linda running a finger through her thatch and looking convincingly excited.  The smaller picture on the page was even more masturbatory as Linda also reveals her anus, in a rare example for the time.

Even more abandoned was this shot, from the page after her centrefold, where she has her finger actually on her clitoris.  The following year Paul Raymond magazines would become much less explicit but for an eight month period they really pushed the envelope in the UK.  In this picture the trail of hair running from her bush to her belly button is quite clear.  A delightfully unashamed hairy girl!

Here Linda is showing a moist looking vulva as she squeezes her really rather superb breast.  This was probably the most abandoned pictorial in the magazine to date.  There are no pretty girl in a dress, portraits or arty shots here; it is all about that enticing cunt.

Well, perhaps not all about her cunt, as here she gives us Men Only's most explicit anal shot to date; her sphincter invitingly presented and framed by her dark hairs. 

The following month, Raymond's US magazine Club, as usual, recycled the Men Only shoot, although in this case it featured slightly different pictures.

The opening double page had mysteriously transformed the photographer from Fred Enke to "Olivia".  Thi  shot is actually less explicit than any of the UK magazine's ones of Gordon.  This wouldn't continue and Club would  use more explicit shots from the same shoots than were used in the pictorials in the UK magazines.

Apart from the shot above, all the photographs in Club offered slight variations from the Men Only versions.  We have put all the pictures in the same order so that you can compare them but there really isn't a lot of difference!

The centrefold (below) was also very similar although it lacked the tit squeezing of the UK version.

Although this is a far from subtle pictorial the ample charms of Miss Gordon, her abandoned expressions, genital touching and inviting nether regions make it something of a classic from Men Only's first pussy focussed year.  Like it or not this genital fixation (which Fred Enke did a lot to define before his tragically early death) would define the photography of women in men's magazines from this point on. 

We have really enjoyed looking through the 1976 Men Only magazines in our collection.  It was after all, the May 1976 issue which was the first men's magazine we owned.  We are minded to do a mini pubic wars special on the development of the photography of women in Men Only.  It really did feature some staggeringly beautiful women shot by some world class glamour photographers, particularly in the second half of the seventies.  Never fear, however, our next episode of the US focussed Pubic Wars posts is already under way!


  1. Beautiful woman. Thank you. G$

  2. My first MO was vl41 number 8 again with a fantastic cover

    1. Mine was Vol 41 number 5. A classic year, 1976!

  3. Many thanks for this. This really is an absolutely top class sexy woman. A great pictorial, possibly the best I've ever seen. More like this, please!

  4. Proof if needed that hairy pussy is best !

  5. Now that's a hairy beaver. I like a nice bush, but the hirsute Ms. Gordon could use some trimming on her inner thigh.