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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Non Centrefold Venus of the Month 20: Teri Christiansen, April 1978

We recently posted the Penthouse Couples Set, Sea Song, over on our Seduction of Venus blog.  That set, photographed by FW Eck and appearing in the December 1977 issue, featured a lady called Teri Christiansen.

Four months later Penthouse had a pictorial of just Teri, also shot by FW Eck, which appeared in the April 1978 issue, which featured July 1975's Pet of the Month, Jane Hargrave on the cover.

The Penthouse text accompanying the pictorial begins by saying that Teri is a dancer.  Now, of course we don't know if she was actually a dancer or whether they said that because she looked like she might be one.  She is certainly a slim, leggy girl.

The initial location for the shoot is at the sea shore which is recognisably the same as that for Sea Song, so the two shoots must have been done at the same time.

The location is the Rosario Islands, just south of the Caribbean city of Cartagena in Colombia.   There are many uninhabited rocky islets in the area which are ideal for having a leggy, naked girl disporting herself on.

The rest of the pictorial is shot back in Cartagena, at the Hotel Las Vilas, which, sadly, now no longer seems to exist otherwise Triple P might have gone along to look at it when he is next in Cartagena (possibly November).

These days, more often than not, a Penthouse Pet pictorial will often contain pictures from just one set up.  Gone are the days of long shoots over multiple locations with multiple wardrobe changes.  Hear we have Teri in a couple of outfits (well, just shoes in one case!) which we didn't see elsewhere in the pictorial.

This is an intriguing shot because in the reflection of the mirror on the wall we can see a naked,embracing couple.  Who are they?  Is it the man from Sea Song?

Inside, Teri lounges on a sofa covered with a throw of some sort.  She certainly has extreme tan lines and in one or two of the outdoors shots actually looks a little sunburnt.  Traditionally, glamour photographers smear baby oil on sunburnt bodies as the sheen distracts from the red skin somewhat.

Teri admires her prominent clitoris but keeps her stomach covered with a scarf.  If you look at some of the shots of her on the beach she appears to have a patch of pale skin in her sunburn around her belly button so perhaps the photographer wanted to cover up this distraction.

Some of these shots look like they have been done on a balcony or terrace so it is difficult to tell if they are inside or outside.

Of course, big cane chairs developed all sorts of Emmanuelle connotations in the seventies.

Teri certainly has a nicely toned pair of legs.  Whether she really was the 37-23-35 that Penthouse maintained we are somewhat doubtful.

Smiling then sultry Teri displays herself in pink

Tight, is the word we would use to describe Miss Christiansen's rear end here.

Bananas, of course, are one of Colombia's biggest exports.  70% of all bananas eaten in Britain come from Colombia.  I'm not sure where this one is going, however.

This appears to be the same dress she is wearing in the pictorial title shot (top) where she is standing in front of one of the carriages that will take you on a tour of the old town (Cartagena is the only walled city in South America).  Anyway, we like the leggy Teri and she has a distinctive face and strong nose.

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