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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Venus from the Dominican Republic: Cris Urena for ten and a half million views

So, we have just passed ten and a half million views and it wasn't that long ago that we thought that Google's blog censorship would have prevented that but here we still are still seeking out lovely women from around the world.

The country with the closest population to ten and a half million is the Dominican Republic.  Initial research revealed that the country has a fine selection of very attractive women indeed, who are very much to Triple P's particular taste.  

However, we decided to focus on Miss Cris Urena a twenty-three year old swimsuit and lingerie model who was born in the country but brought up in Massachusetts.

Her first big contract was for Victoria's Secret but she has done runway shows for  the likes of DKNY and Hervé Léger.   As well as Victoria's Secret she has also done advertisements for Ralph Lauren and even the UK's Top Shop.

In 2014 she appeared in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issues 'dressed' just in a yellow and white body paint swimsuit.

Although she is, of course, very skinny she does have a proper hip to waist ratio, so isn't straight up and down from the front like some models (the overrated Giselle Bundchen, for example).  She is 5'9 1/2 inches tall and a beutifully distributed 32-24-34.

She is still young enough to be able to raise her profile more and we would be happy to see more of her decorating the world and being a lovely incarnation of Dominican heritage.

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