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Thursday, April 23, 2015

St George's Day Venus: Melissa Debling

It is St George's Day today, not that most English people know it. Although there have been recent campaigns to make the celebration of our national day as high profile as St Andrew's, St Patrick's and St David's Days a petition to make the day a national holiday only attracted 4266 signatures.

Why don't we bother?  Some say that our identity as British supersedes our need to celebrate our English identity (something which our Celtic cousins get very exercised about).  When searching for a picture for this post, far more young ladies were shown posing with the British Union flag than the English one, despite searching "England").  You wouldn't get a Scotsman posing with the Union flag to celebrate St Andrew's day!  

Even finding a St George's Day Venus was difficult but here is 26 year old English model Melissa Debling from Kent.  Who wouldn't want to celebrate such a pleasing figure?


  1. Happy St. George's Day - even if I am somewhat too late. But as a German, I hope I am allowed to.

    Thanks for sharing this English beauty! Amazing breasts, full and heavy and round.

  2. She is definetly worth celebrating!

  3. Melissa D represents all that's great about English womanhood! I would happily rescue her from any dragons! Just a pity she's one of those misguided girls that won't take her knickers off for the cameras. I would love to see her in all her naked glory!

    1. She is spectacular. I'm sure if Playboy made her an offer she would reconsider!