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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rip-off Venus: French maid costume

I am close to completing another episode of the Pubic Wars and whilst looking through June 1980's Playboy I came across this illustration for an intriguing product.   Yes, it is a paper French Maid's outfit specifically designed to be ripped off!   From the Tear it off! range, manufactured by Maché, Maché in Oakland, California it cost $8.95 back in 1980.  They also made a cheerleader's uniform too.  

We wonder if they made any more designs? This had great potential; you could have a nurse's uniform, a policewoman's, a stewardess' etc.

We did have a girlfriend, once, who went in for frantic clothes removal and more than a few buttons got ripped off her blouses so she probably would have enjoyed these.

These days, no doubt, you would be accused of promoting sexual violence and the newspapers would be full of stories like: "Woman whose boyfriend had used paper fantasy clothes as part of deviant sex games with previous girlfriend would rip woman's clothes off leaving her bruised and traumatised.  Dr Proctor of Notenufftodo University said that these fantasy paper outfits contributed to men seeing women as helpless victims and objects and the next stage would be men committing mass murder using knives, as they became addicted to the tearing sensation.  The Daily Mail is writing to Number 10 Downing street to get these evil costumes banned for good."

Frankly, we think Ann Summers shops should start manufacturing them now.  We wonder if anyone does?


  1. Oh my, imagine working as a French maid and this was your uniform...

  2. Seems to be a good way to simulate "rough sex" without anybody actually getting hurt, or any nice clothes needing repair. An interesting way to experience one's fantasies in a sexually "healthy" manner!

  3. No update from Triple P in over 2 weeks!?? I hope the misled governments of the world haven't captured him. G$

    1. Doesn't time fly! I've been in Canada! New Pubic Wars update soon!