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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bushy Venus: Penthouse 50th Anniversary Pet of the Month, March 2015

Far too large text on today's Pet centrefolds

We are sorry about the lack of posts of late, especially considering all the support we have had from our readers as regards the Blogger censorship issue.  However we have recently changed jobs and then a relative had an accident and needed us to be around to help her for some time.

Anyway, my friend S pointed out that this month is Penthouse's fiftieth anniversary and that they have a British Pet of the Month (Penthouse was first published in the UK, of course, in March 1965).  When we investigated the lady in question we were delighted to find that she sported a proper bush.  This isn't one of your symbolic wispy efforts, either, but a proper thatch.  Not up to seventies standards, of course, but certainly worthy of the early eighties.

The Pet of the Month in question is Ava Dalush from Nottingham (murder capital of Britain, home of the sheriff and world centre of the manufacture of model soldiers, oddly).  Agent Triple P went to Nottingham once, to give a lecture at the University.   We arrived in the morning and had to walk through the city centre and then went out to the University a mile or so distant.  Walking around there in a suit, it is the only place in Britain we have felt uneasy.  Not a nice place!

We haven't looked at Penthouse magazine for some time but we were quite impressed with this issue.  It has a nice, uncluttered cover (Playboy, sadly, are reverting to their over-busy, too much text style for 2015).  They have a piece on the origin of the magazine, a feature on new British beers and a mixture of arty and some rather more explicit pictorials than we were expecting, given they had backed off this when Guccione sold the magazine.

Pet, Ava, who also decorates the cover, was photographed in London by Italian photographer Davide Esposito, who has also shot for Playboy, Maxim and done a lot of fashion photography..  It is odd seeing all the familiar landmarks as a backdrop to Ava!  Here we are looking west from Docklands towards the City financial district.  Her hip is part obscuring the building where Triple P has his hair cut. We can also see our friend Agent DVD's office very clearly!

Penthouse has been much better at having centrefold girls with pubic hair than Playboy lately.  Last year no less than four Pets had hair down below.  Ava, as we can see, has hers removed around her labia but this is a proper display not a ludicrous looking strip.

Ava, like most Pets these days, is also a porn star rather than the girl-next-door that Playboy still espouses.  Indeed, as readers of our Pubic Wars series will know, Bob Guccione started the magazine with a rule that his Pets of the Month shouldn't have posed naked anywhere else.  Denise Johns, Ava's predecessor from fifty years ago, was a secretary who Guccione scouted on the King's Road in Chelsea.

Ava likes retro things: seventies discos, Bettie Page (her heroine) and  Carry On films  She got into the business by accident.  She was surfing in Cornwall and ran out of money.  One of the women she was staying with was a web cam girl so she did some of that to make money and was scouted by a UK glamour TV chat line.  Through her appearances on channels like Babestation she met several porn directors who asked her if she wanted to do hardcore, which she seemed very happy to do.

In the past she has also acted as an escort girl for one of London's top escort agencies and you could book her for dinner for £800 or overnight for £2500.  Not exactly the girl next door, then.  No doubt you could have had an interesting discussion with her about Carry On films.

She is twenty-five years old and a very portable five feet tall, which is pretty small.  Triple P had several girlfriends in the five foot one to five foot three range and they were not exactly huge.  Still, everything is quite nicely distributed and she has a nice, old fashioned hip to waist ratio.

So, congratulations to Ava for being a British (she has some Mexican ancestry) anniversary Pet and well done to Penthouse for presenting a girl with a bush!


  1. Beautiful asshole and labia. Welcome back Triple P. G$

  2. A classical beauty, like we could have seen her 10, 20, or 30 years ago in the same magazine. Her intimate parts combine nicely the bushy and the shaved eras of PH. (I loved these dark, well maintained triangles from my first issue in 1979 and missed them for some years now.)