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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Venus in Black Stockings 10: by Guy Bourdin for the 1980 Pentax Calendar

Our last Venus in Black Stockings featured the work of San Haskins who shot a lot of the Pentax calendars in the seventies and eighties.  However, although Haskins did most of them during this period, the 1980 edition was shot by French photographer Guy Bourdin (1928-1991). Bourdin was two years younger than Haskins but was just as influential (if not more) in the world of fashion photography.  He is less well known because of his aversion to publicity. A protégé of surrealist Man Ray his pictures often have a slightly strange eroticism.  A pioneer of using fashion photographs to tell a narrative (however inexplicable) here we have a naked girl in stockings lounging on an inflatable ring and holding a rose in her gloved hand.

There is an exhibition of his work on in London at present so Triple P will go along to see it and we will no doubt have more Bourdin in due course.

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