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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 69: Amy Channing, February 1976

Well, shockingly, we have decided to post a centrefold girl from the actual month we are in.  We still have a lot of holes that need filling (so to speak) but at least this one stops the backlog getting worse.  In fact we have thirteen centrefolds to post to get up to date but we will have a good go over the next month and are already well on the way with January's

It's back to February 1976 for this one and Men Only, which was always our favourite of the UK magazines.  This comes from a transitional period as regards pictures in men's magazines in Britain.  Initially led by Penthouse, but pushed by Fiesta as well, in 1976 the UK magazines had started to show explicit shots of the models' vulva which had actually been re-touched up until this point.  These came in gradually, with just an occasional pictorial in each issue.  In this magazine most of the girls were just as they would have been in 1972 but Amy's was the most explicit in the issue.

Initially we see Amy (we have been unable to find anything out about the model) behind a stand of leaves in a very Penthouse-style voyeur shot.  As was becoming more common at the time, her fingers are down at her pussy.

More palm frond foreground foliage in this one but also the first proper look at Amy's striking above the knee socks.  These really are the distinctive feature of the pictorial and are the main reasons that Triple P responds to it so well.

We've always had a thing for girls in long socks and, like stockings, it is all about the tactile experience of contrasting texture but that tactile experience is even more pronounced with woollen socks.  We had a girl friend, about four years after this pictorial came out, who had long woolen socks which she held up with a suspender belt.  Were they stockings or socks?  We spent many happy hours exploring them without reaching any clear conclusion.  Suffice to say that if the lady stripped of all her other clothes we would insist on her retaining her socks.

The final shots in the pictorial feature actual stockings but with nicely retro garters.  Amy also displays the hint of a smile, which is always alluring.

This final shot from the Men Only pictorial has her boldly displaying her rear end at a time when shots of the models' anuses were very unusual.  So we get just eight shots of Amy for her centrefold feature.

Fortunately, we get another dose of Amy, as the following month she was also the centrefold in the US Club magazine, which re-used Men Only pictorials but often included some rather more explicit shots.

The first shot in the US pictorial was exactly the same as in the UK magazine.  However, the second photograph, while also being a shot of Amy in the chair taken through the palm fronds from the same place, has her displaying not only her labia but her anus too.  The innocent finger in her mouth mirrors the questing finger of the other hand delving down towards her vulva.  It is a classic example of the more explicit shots shown in Club.

The next picture was also new for the US magazine, although this time her hand is confined to her stomach; with only the tip of one finger grazing her curls.  It's a nice contemplative shot and also gives us our first unobscured shot of Amy's splendid bust.

This one is similar (but flipped) to one in the Men Only pictorial, where she has one stripey leg up in the wicker chair.  She has another nice expression here and is showing a bit more than in the UK feature.

As we shall see, Club went for a different centrefold pictue from Men Only but they still used the UK centrefold shot in the pictorial, although slightly less cropped.

Another, and final, shot of Amy in her striped socks was this one of her boldly displaying herself, contrasting with the "innocent" finger in the lips pose again.  Too assertive for the UK at this point in time.  She has a beguiling quality to her eyes.

Amy gets one more picture than in the Men Only pictorial but apart from the centrefold and the title shot they are all different.   This is similar to her UK rear end shot but is flipped and she displays herself slightly more.  

The final shot before the centrefold is Amy's most assertive with her touching herself above her slightly gaping vaginal entrance and displaying one of the boldest arsehole shots to appear in the magazine so far.  Many more rear ends would feature in Club over the next few years, as they became the most bottom focussed of the major men's magazines on sale in the US.

Finally we have the different centrefold shot and the only picture of her in black stockings. She really is a very lovely girl and it is a shame she didn't appear in more magazines that we could find.  Definitely one of Triple P's favourite Men Only girls of the seventies and a great set by Clive McLean from just before he left for America to work with James Baes on Hustler.


  1. Very beautiful. Thanks!

  2. Amy also appears in club international in the UK in a set called smooth operator - the 197605 edition