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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Venus by Request: The Desert Thong by Fred Enke

We weren't quite sure where to place this pictorial; here in Venus Observations or across on The Seduction of Venus, given that it features men in the pictorial.  In the end we put it here because that was where the request for it appeared.  Because this was in the nature of a request for a treasured pictorial (it is interesting to see how many people comment on a particular pictorial having a particular resonance for them) we have broken with our usual practice and have posted the full page scans rather than extracting just the images.

This pictorial, by Fred Enke, appeared in the March 1976 issue of Paul Raymond's Club in the US.  Launched in the US the previous February, it would go on to be one of the biggest circulation men's magazines; in fact, coming in at number four by sales after Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.

Ohio born Enke's initial magazine work focussed on car publications before he was talent spotted by Men Only photographic editor Alan Watson who signed him up to do a shoot for the very first issue of Club in the US for February 1975.  Enke would work for all of Paul Raymond's publications and pioneered the genitally focussed approach first seen from late 1975 onwards.  Just a year after this pictorial was published, Enke died at the age of 36.

There is nothing explicit about this shoot though but it is, for the time, a very unusual fetish pictorial for a major men's magazine, coming just a month after Penthouse's first entry into the genre My Funny Valentine.

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  1. thanks you so much! i haven't seen it in almost 40 years but i remember every detail! it shocked me to the core at the time!