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Monday, January 5, 2015

Non centrefold Venus of the Month 41: Jean Raymond, January 1976

We sometimes have requests for older ladies to be featured in Venus Observations so here we present Jean Raymond who, according to her pictorial, was 42 at the time she was photographed.

Jean is none other than the ex-wife of Paul Raymond, publisher of Men Only and numerous other magazines from the seventies onwards.  Her pictorial appeared in the January 1976 issue of his Men Only.

Jean Bradley was a dancer from Nottingham when she met Raymond, working on a show he was promoting in March 1952.  By that summer they were having an affair.  She refused to move in with him, however, unless he married her, which he did in November 1952.  Their daughter Debbie, later to be heir to Raymond's publishing and property empire, was born in 1956.

When Raymond opened his Revuebar club in Soho in 1958, Jean was very involved in the show productions and choreography

Jean poses on Raymond's car outside his Wimbledon home in 1967

By the turn of the decade Raymond had spent £ 25,000 on a 14 room house at 8 Drax Avenue, Wimbledon, not far from where Agent Triple P lived in the late eighties.

Over the years Raymond had more and more affairs and eventually left Jean and moved out of the house in Wimbledon.  In 1970 he hooked up with a vicar's daughter called Julia Harrison who was auditioning for one of his shows.  Under the name Fiona Richmond she would become a a big part of his life and magazines.  Jean, who still hoped for a reconciliation with Raymond, hounded Richmond and tried to get her to give up Raymond but eventually sued for divorce in 1973, citing Harrison/Richmond.  She asked for £250,000 from Raymond.  It was one of the biggest divorce payouts in Britain to date.

Although things had been very acrimonious between Jean and Raymond at the time of the divorce, by 1975 things were rather more convivial.  Living in Miami, she would return to London a number of times a year to see her children and have a drink with her ex-husband.

On one of these occasions she ventured that she still had a better body at forty two than most of the girls in his magazines.  Raymond said he had had requests for older women in the pages of his publications and suggested he take some nude pictures of her himself.  Surprisingly she agreed.

Raymond shoots his ex-wife for the pictorial

He paid her four times the usual rate for models in his magazines and the shots were taken in the Wimbledon house they had shared together.  Given her age and their relationship the pictures are surprisingly explicit, especially as shots of models' labia had only been appearing in Men Only for a couple of months at that point.

The relationship between Jean and Raymond did not stay so warm and she also became estranged from her daughter Debbie.  When Debbie died, in 1992, following a drugs overdose, Jean blamed Raymond and his lifestyle.

In January 2002 Jean was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died just three weeks later at the age of seventy.  She had been a key part in Raymond's success in those early days, however, and despite her walnut brown Florida tan her appearance in 1976 still showed an enticing and sexy woman.


  1. I think that "older" women are inherently sexier and more erotic than "younger" women.( Within reason, of course. I have never seen a sexy sixty year old!) In fact, during the first half of the 1980's, Playboy did several pictorials featuring "older" ladies, who were in their mid-thirties and even early forties. I hope that you will give your typically splendid coverage of these pictorials when you get further into the Pubic Wars series, beyond 1980. I really do enjoy this series, especially your insightful comments on the photos you post. Very thorough and pithy. I thank you in advance!

  2. I am always amused, these days, when I read Playboy describing a woman as older when she is in her thirties! Personally I think that Play boy should have found a sixty year old for their anniversary issue last year!

  3. Nice pictures! I do think women are staying younger looking for longer. Eg several supermodels are well into their forties and there are lots of women 35+ whom I know personally who are really fit and would love to see naked! Having said that I do like a gorgeous 18/25 year old as well!

    1. My thoughts entirely, My upper limit experience so far is 56 and she was in excellent shape indeed. I think women look after themselves more than thirty years ago.