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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Milestone Venus Amy Leigh Andrews for ten million views!

We have just passed the milestone of ten million views for this site, which would have been completely inconceivable when he started it back September 2008. This means that we are getting something like 200,000 views a month at present.

As usual, we have selected a young lady who hails from a place with a population of around the same number and the closest match to ten million is the state of Georgia.

Now there have been ten Playboy Playmates from Georgia but we have settled, rather unusually, for a more recent one in the very curvaceous shape of Amy Leigh Andrews from April 2010, partly because we liked the fact that she had appeared in a year ending in the number ten.

Actually, although we don't usually like busty Playboy blondes we quite like Amy as, unusually for the period, she is busty but natural, as she entertainingly demonstrates in a number of these pictures.   Just 5'2" tall she really does have that, much sought after by Playboy, girl next door quality. 

Amy is now 30 and was born in Conyers, Georgia.  Playboy were doing casting calls in Atlanta and she went along, first appearing as Coed of the Week on their website in August 2008.  She then became Coed of the Month, which explains some of the slightly more explicit shots,than is usual for a Playmate.

Coming next: Some nineteenth century sculpture, another recent Playmate, the end of Page 3, some 1960s French black and white nudes and the next episode of the Pubic Wars. 


  1. What a fantastic backside on this peach. Very appetizing. G$

  2. A nice way to celebrate. Congratulations.

  3. This blog is on fire! Way to go, my friend!

  4. This blog is one of the few actually worth keeping up with and reading regularly! Keep up the superb work Agent Triple P, and may you live long and prosper!