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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy birthday to me with Champagne glass dancing Venuses

It's Agent Triple P's birthday today although at my age I don't feel much like celebrating (although thank you to the Hotel Zaza in Houston for sending me a voucher for a free cocktail. Sadly, 4,841 miles is a long way to go to pick up a Vodka Martini).  However a couple of bikini-clad young ladies dancing in a Champagne coupe would certainly brighten up the day. 

These two ladies are Roseann Williams and Tara Glynn at the Criss Cross club in Los Angeles (we think) in 1968.  The following year Tara made an appearance in Here's Lucy, a TV show starring Lucille Ball which I can remember from the time! Roseann appeared in two films I have actually seen: Point Blank (1967) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972), although she was uncredited in both.  One of the aims of this blog is to celebrate those lovely women from the past who did not make it big but surely improved the world around them for a brief moment.  So on our birthday we will drink a toast to Roseann and Tara for these two pictures, recalling a brief moment in time.  The girl in the foreground of the bottom picture looks lovely too!


  1. Happy Birthday Triple P!

  2. Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns!
    A minor quibble. "I Love Lucy" was made in the 1950s. Lucille Ball's tv series from the late sixties was "Here's Lucy".

  3. Congrats, Triple P! I like your cheerful style of blogging. Many charming venuses to you!

  4. Happy Birthday Triple P. Long may you live and reign!

    I think for your birthday next year you should initiate the Triple P beauty awards; an beauty Oscars for the most alluring, exciting and damm sexy women of the year just gone.

    There could be a number of award categories; model/starlet, woman in film and television, newcomer, foreign beauty, thinking man's crumpet etc. The awards could have names, eg The Sophia Loren Award for Ageless Beauty and your readers could nominate/vote for the winners.What do you think?
    It would be a great way of marking the birthday of a man who has made such a significant contribution the study of the female form.

  5. Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers ever!