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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Centrefold Venus of the Month 55: Patti, December 1974

Triple P had a comment from Chipster asking for more redheads, which is something we are very happy to comply with.  Agent Triple P's first proper girlfriend was a redhead and ever since then we have thought that there is something magical about them.

This particular redhead comes from over forty years ago and featured in the sixth issue of Larry Flynt's Hustler, which had been launched that July.  Flynt launched the original Hustler as a four page black and white newsletter to publicise his chain of Ohio based Hustler strip clubs. 

In 1972 he expanded this to a 32 page black and white magazine which he christened The Hustler News.  The extra pages allowed him to feature pictures of naked girls, who were all, initially, strippers from his clubs, as he could pay them a lot less than the going rate for magazines such as Penthouse. Later in 1972 he changed the name of the publication to, simply, Hustler.

In his first issue he wrote: "Anybody can be a playboy in a penthouse but it takes a man to be a Hustler". Flynt targetted his magazine at the average American male, not the sort of high income college-educated group that Playboy and Penthouse seemed to be aimed at.  He didn't believe that anyone read Playboy for the articles and just thought that these were an excuse to justify buying magazines by people who really only wanted to look at the pictures.

The girls in the first issue of Hustler could have dropped straight from the pages of Penthouse with their gauzy photography and self caressing.  They weren't quite as attractive, however, and the print quality of the magazine in the early days wasn't a patch on Penthouse or Playboy.

Originally, Flynt had visualised the magazine as a naughtier version of Playboy but while he struggled to get the funding together to launch the magazine, Penthouse had become much more explicit than Playboy, with the latter still battling in this period to become equally visually racy.  Therefore, what was being displayed in 1972 when he launched The Hustler News was very different from what was on show in 1974.

The magazine was far from an instant success, however, and Hustler struggled financially in its first year.  Given the increasingly revealing shots in Penthouse, where glimpses of labia had been shown since 1973, then it is not surprising that over the first few months of the new magazine Hustler got bolder, issue by issue.

Unlike later editions of the magazine, where a brief paragraph of text accompanied the centrefold pictorial, at this stage they were still using Penthouse-length descriptions of the model and her supposed life.  Unlike Playboy, where these often bore some semblance to reality, the Hustler Honey had an entirely fictitious piece.

Patti, according to the text was born in Tokyo, the daughter of American military parents.  However, really this was just an excuse to have a great long exposition about how orientals were more natural and less ashamed about sex than Americans.  

It was very much the sort of sexual liberation piece seen in Penthouse at the time. In essence the girl is supposed to be saying "I am not posing for this magazine to supplement the money I make stripping at one of Larry Flynt's clubs but believe sex is a beautiful thing and that I am a girl who does not think her naked body is shameful."

In the final shots and centrefold of her pictorial Lary Flynt had Hustler "go pink" for the first time in a nationally distributed magazine in America. Not content with showing subtly lit hints of their models' genitals Flynt had got Patti to show everything, including her anus. in brightly lit shots.    

Her centrefold was even more explicit, complete with separated labia.  So Patti was a bit of a barrier-breaking redhead, her pale coppery curls framing her defiantly displayed vulva in a way that would become the norm for men's magazines from that point on.  

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