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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Venus Review of the Year

Virna Lisi (1936-2014)

Time for another meaningless seasonal list.  In this case we look at those young ladies who have floated across our consciousness and improved our feelings of well being during 2014.

Best Playboy Playmate Venus

We admit to being biased on this one because July 2014 Playmate Emily Agnes is also from Surrey and, indeed comes from the same town our sister was born in.  Playboy's Playmates have been much improved this year with a lot less silicone and disfiguring tattoos.

Best TV girl Venus

No, not someone with gender identity issues but the girl from television we responded most to.  This has to be leggy Irish I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Now presenter Laura Whitmore, whose ludicrously short skirts engendered tingling feelings in our fingers.

Best Film Venus

All the buzz and the Bond Girl role was for Lea Seydoux but when we actually watched Blue is the Warmest Colour we much preferred Adèle Exarchopoulos, who was not only more attractive but sexier too. 

Best rediscovered classic film Venus

We recently watched Forbidden Planet (1956) again after many, many years and realised how utterly gorgeous Anne Francis was, in a selection of what must have been the shortest hemlines ever seen in the movies until that point.

Best Single Photograph

This has to be this shot of models Candice Swanpoel and Liliy Aldridge from Russell James' book of photographs of Victoria's Secret models.

Best Artistic Discovery

The sensual art of Italian illustrator Umberto Brunelleschi, who was previously unknown to Agent Triple P.  We discovered him while researching some of our Eighteenth Century works for The Seduction of Venus.

Most Unexpected Venus

The selection of Playboy Bunny girls at Waterloo station in October, collecting for breast cancer charities.

Best Calendar Venuses

Agent Triple P used to enjoy Austrian wine until, in an almost industry destroying scandal in the early eighties, winemakers were caught adding diethylene glycol (a constituent of anti-freeze) to their wines.  Actually, as a result, Austrian wine became better regulated and much improved, although you still can't sell it in Britain without anti-freeze jokes.  So, the young Austrian female winemakers get together every year to produce a calendar to help boost sales.  So here is the splendidly full bodied Monika Mörwald of Weingut Mörwald.  Nice jugs.

Most  Enjoyable Erotic Film

Given we have a new lady friend to watch these with, we have been digging out some unwatched ones from our collection and she has contributed a few too.  Our favourite was In the Sign of the Lion (Løvens tegn) (1976); a Danish sex comedy which managed to be funny and sexy.  We watched in a French version but fortunately her French is better than mine, as it had really quite a convoluted plot.  Lots of enjoyable faux period lingerie!

Most missed Venus 

The incandescently gorgeous Virna Lisi, star of one of our favourite films, How to Murder Your Wife, who died last week.  A proper appreciation of her will follow in the New Year.


  1. Absolutely agree about «Best Playboy Playmate Venus»! And I have nothing to do with England 8) *her sexy british accent, mmm* A true shame Tony Kelly was too lazy to photograph Emily with loose hair and in wide range of settings. I like the late PB models more than from noughties, but photography is a letdown. Especially centerfolds: they doesn't treat them as something special anymore, just shoot hundreds of photos and randomly pick one for CF.

    Love the whole «In the Sign of...» series.

  2. I commend you on your selections, especially the Austrian wine calendar which I bought last month and look forward to turning the pages monthly next year. Prost!