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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top Five Posts of 2014

Very few of our readers look like this, of course, except S in Vancouver who we know often just wears impractical shoes when on her computer!

In the tradition of those dreadful "best of" TV shows which appear on the less imaginative stations at this time of the year, we are going to present our second annual review of the most popular posts on Venus Observations.  Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who drops by and, especially, comments.  Your feedback is very welcome, as are requests for features, which we try to do if we can. One thing we are planning to do over the holidays is look back at those requests we have had which we haven't been able to grant and see if we can get some of those done.  With requests for particular centrefolds, however, they have to fit in the monthly review plan we have so if, for example, we have posted all of our available May girls then we won't be able to post another until next May has been and gone.   

We had more than 2.75 million visits this year which is about 33% more than in 2013 and we are approaching the big 10 million, which we should hit in about a month.  We have also had a 15% rise in followers too.  We managed 98 posts so far this year, as compared with 67 last year.  We have a number of posts nearing completion, as we often work on several simultaneously, including our next Pubic Wars post which should be done very shortly.

So here are the top 5 viewed posts of those we published this year.

1. Venus Revealed:  The Pubic Wars Part 11 1979 part 3

Posted March. 43,236 views.

This edition of our long-running Pubic Wars series took extended looks at English model Rosemary England, Danish model Helle Kjaer and the history of British naturist magazine Health & Efficiency, all of which no doubt contributed to its number one place. 

2. Polish Eurovision Song Contest Venuses: Luxuria Astaroth, Paula Tumala and Ola Ciupa

Posted May.  36,818 views

The Eurovision Song Contest often throws out a number of lovely Continental pieces to admire and this year we had two (four?) in the shapes of Polish models Paula Tumala and Ola Ciupa, whose suggestive country girl actions on stage caused a right old froth amongst the politically correct brigade.  Agent Triple P travels to Poland quite regularly and there are some truly lovely women in the country but then the first girl to strip naked for us, in our year between school and college, was Polish so we may be biased!  A big score for this one caused by the general media frenzy at the time.

3. Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 11 1979 part 4

Posted August.  14,101 views.

Our main distraction, from our chronological look at men's magazines of the period in this edition of the Pubic Wars, was German Model Ursula Buchfellner.  As she isn't so well known as some of the women in the previous Pubic Wars post it explains the lower view count, we suspect, and the fact that it has only been on the site for four months. 

Posted August. 12,915 views

The most viewed individual girl this year was beautiful Penthouse Pet Susan Gabrielson, in a sensuous pictorial by Dieter Schmidt.

Last year the top four posts were from our Pubic Wars series but this year two individual girls have made the top five.  The second is another Penthouse Pet from 1986 (it was something of a classic year), Michelle Walker, photographed by David Schoen, who delivered some of the most abandoned shots of a Penthouse Pet to that point.

We are, perhaps, guilty of not posting enough art features this year but the most popular was our one on Chris Achilleos' cover paintings for the Raven Swordsmistress of Chaos series with 1279 views.

More lovely girls to come in 2015!


  1. I love your art features especially. Would love to see more of those.

    1. I enjoy writing them the most. I have a good one coming up with a Hollywood link!

  2. Thanks, Triple P, for this labour of love - it is not lost on me and not on many others, it seems. Thank´s for bringing all these beautiful memories back to me and us.

    1. Thank you. Your appreciation is appreciated!

    2. Ditto from me TripleP. Thanks for another year of your entertaining & informative blogs.

      Say, who's the model enjoying Venus Observations in the very top pic of this Five Top Posts entry?

    3. I've no idea who she is but I have found a slightly better version of the picture!

  3. How about some saucy comic book art? Carrie (Mayfair), Afonso Font's Carmen Bond and Eric Stanton's dominant ladies are possibilities. There must be many - probably better rendered than the above?

  4. I have been thinking about a Carrie post. I used to love Don Lawrence's Trigan Empire when I was younger!

  5. How about a darts venus?