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Monday, December 15, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 52: Lucia St Angelo, September 1977

We've been working on a post looking at the most visited posts on Venus Observations for 2014.  One of those was a post we did on the pictorial for the Penthouse Pet of the Month for June 1986, Susan Gabrielson.  That pictorial had been photographed by Dieter Schmidt and we mentioned in it that he had done an earlier upskirt-style Pet pictorial.

So now, we thought it was a good time to go back in time nine years for the pictorial he shot of Lucia St Angelo for the September 1977 issue. She is not to be confused with the current Czech porn star who uses the same name.  Penthouse was launched in the US in September 1969 so this was their eighth anniversary issue.

The first photograph in the pictorial gives us a good view of Lucia's luxuriant black bush.  The accompanying text said that she was Italian and wittered on about her boyfriend's Ferrari and having sex in the Roman Forum after dark.  All nonsense of course but she does look Italian.

One thing that characterised Lucia's pictorial was that there were quite a lot of very small images scattered around the larger ones so if some of these look a little blurred it is because on the page they were only an inch or two across.

This one is a very rare example, in this set, of Lucia flashing her breast.  She keeps her top half covered pretty much throughout the pictorial.

Lucia wears a fetching pair of boots in many of her photographs which, with her covered top, makes her legs and bottom nicely vulnerable looking.  A good tactile effect.

Here we have the first two of Schmidt's characteristic upskirt shots of Lucia.  This pictorial is particularly potent for Triple P as it reminds him of an Italian girl he got involved with when travelling to Italy a lot in the mid-eighties.  

We ended up, over the eight years that we had to go to Italy for work, having a number of Italian girlfriends.  Although they weren't all dark haired like Lucia there were certainly a few like this.  Dark bushes were a novelty for Triple P, after a string of redheads and blondes.

The biggest shock was discovering the dark tufts that some of them had around their anuses.  Our blondes and redheads had not only had much paler hair down below but there was less of it.  In contrast, Lucia has a quite well thatched arsehole.  

Another rare glimpse of Lucia's, really rather perfect, nipple and an even rarer smile.  Schmidt always had his girls looking miserable but this smiling one is lovely and Lucia is quite transformed.

These final three shots from the pictorial are really the ultimate expression of upskirt shots in Penthouse to that point.  The final one of Lucia in her voluminous peasant top and her magnificently presented pussy under her skirt, is one of Penthouse's nicest of the seventies, in Triple P's view. 

We have a few outtakes of Lucia too, starting with some where she isn't wearing her skirt.

Here is another one of Lucia with the white blanket which is very similar to the shot which appeared in the magazine.

The final ones are all of Lucia in her blue ruched top and flowery skirt.  Firstly. we are presented with her from the rear and that enticingly fluffy tail.

The last four, as do the other similar ones, remind us of our friend S who is a similar colouring and also tends to dispense with knickers in the summer, which is most distracting.  In fact S has recently complained that there "hasn't been enough pussy" in Venus Observations the last month or so so we hope she likes these.

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  1. This is one of the 1st Penthouses I can remember buying with my own money and I may well still have it in storage back home.
    Lucia's pictorial has always confounded me - at the time I thought it could not be more voyeuristic if all the pics were framed through a keyhole and I too was puzzled by abundance of pussy shots yet none with both breasts revealed.
    I can only hope the hidden breast & nipple is as mathematically perfect as the one barely exposed.
    Her body type is not among my preference - too stork-like, not enough curvature.

    But, that skin, her complexion, hair, that lovely face, those EYES!
    What a beautiful woman, easily a standout among any of the Italians ( or Croatians) I've ever seen.