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Friday, November 7, 2014

Venus Revealed: Cybergirls 1; 2000-2001

Stephanie Heinrich:  First Cyber Girl of the week: September 2000

We were talking to our German friend B recently and she was observing that our coverage of models from men's magazines is lodged fairly solidly in the nineteen seventies with the occasional visit to the eighties; particularly now that our Pubic Wars features have just edged into that decade for the first time.  Now, given she is fond of nineteen fifties pin-ups and retro clothing from the period we were expecting her to suggest a move back in time a couple of decades.  Instead, she suggested we move forward to some more recent ladies.  Now, given Triple P's negative views on silicone breasts, tattoos and bald pussies this would not seem an area of much interest but B told us off for being old fashioned and prejudiced and told us to explore something new "as we might like it".  Never one to shy away from such a challenge we pondered how to approach this.  We did not want to jump ahead of the chronological work we are undertaking on the Pubic Wars, which really eliminated looking at any magazines.  When discussing it with S she suggested looking at some of the women who had appeared on some of the print magazine's websites.   B agreed that this would be well worthwhile.

Anna Marie: Cyber Girl of the Week 10th September 2000

The obvious group to examine are Playboy's Cybergirls, as they didn't appear in the magazine and who first appeared on their website in 2000.  Playboy had launched their website at the end of 1993 and it was not only the first website for a men's magazine it was the first website for any national magazine in the US.  These Cyber Girls pioneered the display of rather more of their anatomy than could be found in the actual pages of the magazine at the time so, given the number of girls in the period under consideration, we will confine ourselves to those who offered tantalising flashes of their nether regions.  For some strange reason, and it says a lot for Hugh Hefner's protection of the Playmate image over the years, having a Playbog girl offer a glimpse of her labia seemed, at the timne, more enticing than their sisters who were showing everything iin other magazines and their websites.

Jeanette Kizirian: Cyber Girl of the week September 17th 2000

The key issue for websites, of course, especially ones such as this, is that they devour content. A monthly magazine like Playboy would have to find twelve Playmates and then produce another couple of dozen pictorials in a year.  However, in order to persuade subscribers to pay a subscription for a website (a novel concept in itself, in the early days) much more content was obviously going to be necessary.  Yes, you could provide some outtakes of the Playmate of the Month but eventually you were going to need a lot more women to pose for the site than the magazine required.  Initially, Playboy relied on getting photographs of previous Playmates up on the site to provide additional content and they had over forty five years worth of girls to drip feed onto the website.  Triple P can still remember, from the early days of the site, when a previously unseen Playmate appeared for the first time and there was the excitement of shots which hadn't been in the original magazine pictorials.  

Amanda Rushing: Cyber Girl of the Week September 24th 2000

By the end of the nineties, however, with increasing competition from other magazine's websites, Playboy had to find more women.  They started featuring "amateurs" who were mostly potential Playmates who didn't make it but in September 2000 the Playboy Cyber Club, as their website was known, announced their first Cyber Girl of the Week, one Stephanie Heinrich, a 20 year old student from the University of Cincinnati.  In a way, the new weekly Cybergirls (oddly, the collective term they use is "Cybergirls" whereas the singular label is "Cyber Girl") formed a middle way between the 'amateurs' on the site and the Playmates at the top of the hierarchy.  They actually had a formal title; "Cyber Girl of the Week" and every month one would (later) progress to become "Cyber Girl of the month".  Not as prestigious as being a Playmate, of course, but not bad for a model looking for profile in a competitive world.

Martika Ibarra: Cyber girl of the Week 1st October 2000

Stephanie Heinrich's first pictorial actually appeared on 31st August but from then on every seven days (roughly) during September a new Cyber girl would be posted with a pictorial of (usually) 25 images.  Nearly all of the initial month's worth were busty (often surgically enhanced, sadly) blondes posing and photographed in a way that was identical to the Playmates of the time.  The poses themselves were relatively modest until the final pictures of the first Cyber girl of October, Martika Ibarra, who was shot in a couple of pussy-touching shots which were rather more assertive than could be seen on the pages of the magazine at that time.  Ibarra was born in Mexico but moved to California with her family when she was nine months old.  She continued to be a successful lingerie model after her Playboy appearance.

Lorrie Stewart: Cyber Girl of the week October 2000

At the end of the month, another blonde (all but one of the first two months worth of cyber girls were "blondes" - although the remaining landing strips often gave away the fact that most weren't) Lorrie Stewart also flashed even more of her bits in this shot.  Stewart did some more glamour modelling and even had a bit part in a film as "sexy nurse" in Come as You Are (2005) 

 Lisa Houser: Cyber Girl of the Week December 10th 2000

It wasn't until December that more Cyber girls than not started showing their labia.  The first Canadian Cyber girl, twenty two year old Lisa Houser, revealed herself in this shot.  She had been crowned Miss Swimsuit International Canada in the Virgin Islands earlier that year and was spotted there by the vice-president of Playboy.  She had been a flight attendant and even a private detective.

Zoe Gregory: Cyber girl of the Week December 17th 2000

Also offering a brief flash from the rear was twenty-five year old Zoe Gregory, yet another bottle blonde from California, according to Playboy.  Zoe was spotted in a Los Angeles casting call for Playboy in the first half of 2000.

However, it seems that Zoe actually hails from Camden in London and had been doing a fair bit of nude modelling work before her Cyber Club appearance, including for UK lads mags such as Loaded.  here she is fronting up Hustler's Busty in May 1999.

Some of the other work she did for glamour websites was rather more explicit than the work she did for Playboy.

Not the girl next door

Although Penthouse was featuring a lot of porn stars in both its magazine and website this was not the case for Playboy who still traded on their girl next door image.  Perhaps this is why Zoe didn't do any more work for them; given that she was posing for hardcore pictorials (often under the name Zoe Zeman).  Under the name Zoe Paul she also appeared in a number of soft core B movies.

Sherry Lynn White Playboy February 2000

Now, not all the Cyber Girls were new to Playboy.  The last girl of 2000 was Sherry Lynn White who, at twenty-seven was positively geriatric compared with the majority of the other Cyber Girls to date.  White was in the US Navy and had been doing some modelling and film extra work to support herself.  It was her work on shows like Baywatch that enabled a photographer friend, who had affiliations to Playboy, to sell a nude shot of her which appeared in the February 2000 issue.  Unfortunately, it hit the newsstands on the same day the Navy gave her the SUBPAC sailor of the year award.   The Navy said they would forget about it if she could get the rest of the photographs back from Playboy but she instead negotiated a bigger pictorial.

Sherry Lynn White Playboy September 2000

In September 2000 Playboy published a six page pictorial of her including a shot of her in uniform.  Although she warned the Navy in advance this was too much for them and she was given an honourable discharge but with misconduct.

Sherry Lynn White: Cyber Girl of the Week December 24th 2000

If the Navy hadn't chucked her out after her September appearance then her Cyber Girl pictorial in December would certainly have done it.  Sherry flashes her labia in half a dozen shots, more than any Cyber Girl to date, and finishes up with this glimpse of her anus; also a first for a Cyber Girl and much more explicit than anything a Playmate would show at the time.

Sherry Lynn White: Cyber Girl of the Week December 24th 2000

White worked for Playboy for three years before eventually finding God and becoming a teacher.  Her pictorial was the first to really demonstrate that Playboy was thinking about diverging the levels of explicitness in its web-only pictorials from those of the magazine.

Sherry White: S.E.X. no 37 October 2001

Within a year of her Cyber Girl of the Week stint Sherry was displaying her bits in almost every shot of a pictorial where she looked rather more Penthouse than Playboy.  S.E.X. in the Playboy context stood for Special Editions Extreme and featured slightly stronger vulva shots and even some soft girl on girl photographs.

Given the time lag between publishing the magazine and the more immediate world of digital content it wasn't until the December issue of Playboy that the magazine carried an advertisement for the Cyber Girls.  Playboy now had fifty-two new "official" girls a year to populate their website, in addition to the Playmates.

Stephanie Heinrich: Cyber Girl of the Month January 2001

January 2001 saw the announcement of the first Cyber Girl of the Month.  She wasn't chosen, as might be expected, from the previous four weeks worth but was the very first Cyber Girl from the previous September, Stephanie Heinrich.  Unlike the Cyber Girl of the Week the Cyber Girl of the Month had a number of pictorials released over intervals during her month's reign.  In one of these pictorials, in contrast to her Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial, Stephanie flashed her bits.

 Vanessa Marie Arevalo: Cyber Girl of the Week January 1st 2001

Most of the Cyber Girls of the week for January offered up glimpses of their  pussies.  The ever decreasing amounts of pubic hair being displayed by the girls meant that it was harder to hide the details of their mons veneris too.  The very first Cyber Girl of 2001. Vanessa Arevalo, showed her neat,  split mound from the rear.

Thirty-three year old Arevalo had already graced the cover of Playboy Germany back in May 1993 where she was described as a supermodel, although we haven't been able to find out anything else about her.  Unlike the US edition, the German magazine was able to display Vanessa's bare breasts on the cover.

Wendy Rosprim: Cyber Girl of the Week January 15th 2001

This shot of the third Cyber Girl of the Week for January, Wendy Rosprim, had been taken in 1999 when Playboy launched ts 2000 Playmate Search.  

Hugh Hefner poses with potential candidates in front of the bus

Playboy photographers toured the country for five months, visiting 36 cities using a specially fitted out bus on which they photographed potential Playmates for the January 2000 issue.  They used pictures of potential candidates on the website, putting them online as the tour progressed.

In the end there were two winners as Peruvian born twins Darlene and Carole Bernaola shared the special $200,000 fee as January 2000 Playmates.  

Paulette Myers: Cyber Girl of the Week January 21st 2001

The fourth Cyber Girl of January, thirty year old Paulette Myers, was from Scottsdale, Arizona and flashed her bits in several photos, including this one which also hints enticingly at her anal area, usually a completely banned area for Playboy.

Alina Novozilova: Cyber Girl of the Week January 28th 2001

Alina Novozilova's wispy pubes did little to hide her plump mound in this and several other shots in the final Cyber Girl pictorial of the Week for January.

Stephenie Flickinger Cyber Girl of the Month February 2001

February 2001's Cybergirl of the Month, Stephenie Flickinger, showed a lot more than she had as Cybergirl of the Week especially in her third set of CGOM pictures which included several shots of her boldly displaying not only her vulva but her perineum as well.  

Gina Grotjohn Cyber Girl of the Week February 11th 2001

Playboy (or perhaps it's Hugh Hefner), on the whole, prefers neat, tight slits on its women's pussies but some girls just aren't built like that and Iowa's Gina Grotjohn couldn't hide her pink, plump bits.

 Lizette Bordeaux: Cyber Girl of the Week February 4th 2001

For some reason Playboy's quota (and it always felt like a quota) of African-American women tended to pose in a less explicit manner than their paler sisters.  However this couldn't be said of Texas' Lizette Bordeaux in her Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial.

Like many of these girls Lizette would set up her own website (nearly all now defunct. of course) to try to squeeze a bit more revenue from their time in the spotlight.  On the whole Lizette's pictures were very much in the Playboy style but she did occasionally pose for something a little bit raunchier such as this fine grass skirt shot.

Katia Corriveau Cyber Girl of the Week February 25th 2001

French Canadian cyber-girl Katia Corriveau's scanty knickers couldn't hide her bulging bits either.  She'd already had a couple of small parts in TV episodes and would go to have another half dozen or so in the first half of the decade.

Amy Miller S.E.X no 1 May 2000

Amy Miller had been a Cyber Girl of the Week in November 2000 but she returned in March 2001 as the Cyber Girl of the Month.  She had first appeared on the Playboy website in the first pictorial under their S.E.X. label.  

 Amy Miller Cyber Girl of the Mont March 2001

Miller's Cyber Girl of the Month shots were much more explicit than her girl of the week ones and even included this Cyber Girl first pussy portrait close up. Miller was the earliest example of the trend towards the Girl of the Month shots being consistently stronger than the girl of the week ones.

Amy Miller S.E.X. No 47 February 2002

Miller would appear quite a few more times in different categories on the Playmate website over the next few years including two more appearances in the S.E.X. category with more pussy displaying and even a shot of her touching her vulva.  Bold stuff indeed for Playboy.

Miller would also appear in print for Playboy, first appearing in the Book of Lingerie in 1999 and following this up with over two dozen other newsstand special edition appearances.  In the July/August edition of the Book of Lingerie she made the cover having topped the Book of Lingerie  readers' choice model of the year poll.

Stormy Shuff Cyber Girl of the Week March 4th 2001

The superbly named Stormy Shuff was the only Cyber Girl in March to flash her labia but did so in more than a few shots. The 5'8" Stormy, from Louisiana, also has a number of TV and film credits.  She was a lovely girl with  a nice, natural bust and its a shame Playboy didn't do more work with her.

Jana Horak: Cyber Girl of the Month April 2001

Jana Horak was April's Cyber Girl of the month and she appeared in another pussy portrait picture and some kinky fetish gear as well.  These groin only shots would certainly not have illustrated a Playmate feature at the time.

Mysti Sherwood Cyber Girl of the Week April 01 2001

April's first Cyber Girl, Mysti Sherwood, had the invisible vulva Playboy liked but this pussy stroking shot was a bit more sensual than you would have got on the pages of the magazine at the time.  Mysti had first appeared on the Playboy website in December 1999 as an 'amateur'.

Mysti (left) and Crysti (right) get the Canadians in a lather

Mysti and her twin sister, Crysti, had appeared in the previous year's Playboy Wet and Wild newsstand special.  They were photographed. really rather innocently, in a bath together but the Canadian authorities, worried about incest, presumably, banned the issue and stopped all 44,000 copies at the border.

Casey Mae Cyber Girl of the Week April 15 2001

The other girl showing a lot in April was half Filipina Casey Mae from Texas, here posing in a very un-Playboy way..

Paulette Myers: Cyber Girl of the Month May 2001

Cyber Girl of the Month for May was Paulette Myers who'd been a Cyber Girl of the Week in January.  Sadly, yet another lovely girl ruined by plastic breasts.  Paulette was the first Cyber Girl of the Month to have four pictorials put online during her month in the spotlight.

Susan Weiss: Cyber Girl of the Week May 13th 2001

Susan Weiss was from New York state and had recently opened her own lingerie shop.  Here she doesn't quite conceals herself with a tea cup.

Susan Weiss: S.E.X. no 5 September 2000

She had first appeared in the Cyber Club back in September 2000 when she appeared in the fifth of Playboy's S.E.X. online pictorials.  They had had a number of mild girl/girl pictures in the first few of these but nothing quite as strong as Susan's anus revealing shot here.

Susan Weiss: S.E.X. No 12 February 2001

Susan would do a number of these girl/girl shoots for Playboy.  Often the girls would just be photographed together, rather than interacting with each other, but in this one Susan goes in for a kiss with Quin Koloski.

Joy Behrman Cyber Girl of the Week May 20th 2001

New York's Joy Behrman had been appearing in quite a few of Playboy's special editions when when they asked her to be a Cyber Club Girl of the Week.  Her last shot in the pictorial exemplifies the new Playboy trend of including one or two slightly more explicit shots at the end of the Cyber Girl's pictorial.  Joy must have the strangest tan lines ever, it makes her nether regions look like some sort of South African antelope, which is a shame because the rest of her is rather fine.

Joy Berhman: Playboy Russia Playmate of the Month November 2000

In November 2000 she had been Playmate of the Month in Playboy's Russian edition (amongst others) but, inexplicably, didn't make it for the US edition.

Katia Corriveau: Cyber Girl of the Month June 2001

June's Cyber Girl of the Month, Katia Corriveau had also been discovered in the Great Playmate Hunt 2000.  The Cyber Girls of the Week for June all kept their nether regions pretty much covered leaving Katia as the only pussy-presenting girl of the month.

Christi Taylor: Cyber Girl of the Month July 2001

July's Cyber Girl of the Month had been posing for Playboy for five years, first appearing in the August 1996 Playboy magazine pictorial The Women of Atlanta, although she herself was from Seattle.  Originally discovered by Playboy photographer Gen Nishino, she then appeared in fourteen newsstand specials before becoming Cyber Girl of the week in March 2001.

Christi Taylor: S.E.X. May 2000

Very much a woman among girls the curvily natural Taylor would pop up in a number of online pictorials over the next few years or so.  Her first, even before her Cyber Girl of the Week one, though, was in the first S.E.X. pictorial, along with Amy Miller, who we have seen above, in May 2000.  She should have been a Playmate!

Jeanette Rundgren: Cyber Girl of the Week July 1st 2001

After the rather shy girls of June, Sweden's first Cyber Girl, Jeanette Rundgren was happy to pose more assertively in her final shot of her Cyber Girl of the week pictorial.  

Built like the fashion model she was, Rundgren was discovered as a sixteen year old at a news kiosk by photographer Peter Svenson and was soon signed up by the Elite modelling agency in both Denmark and Italy.  She did some other nude work for websites other than Playboy as well as more conventional modelling.  A real stunner!

Kathleen Salazar: Cyber Girl of the Week July 16th 2001

Las Vegas native Kathleen Salazar had, as was often the case by this time, just one revealing shot in her pictorial.

Roxanne Galla: Cybergirl of the Week July 22nd 2001

Texan Roxanne Galla was another find from the Great Playmate Hunt 2000 and not only appeared in pictorials and online but became a regular on Playboy TV.

She  also quickly set up her own popular website. following her Cyber Girl appearance. although her poses were, on the whole (the one above being an exception), not as explicit as some of her pussy revealing shots for her July Cyber Girl pictorial.

Chantal Vachon: Cyber Girl of the Week August 5th 2001

August's Cyber Girl of the month was the first to date who had not displayed her bits but Canadian Cyber girl, Chantal Vachon, popped out of her skimpy knickers ensuring August was not a pussy free month in the Cyber Club.  Vachon has a number of TV credits and also did a lot of TV commercial work.

Charis Boyle: Cyber Girl of the Week August 26th 2001

Catching the light at the end of August was Virginian Charis Boyle.   Boyle was a good competitive horse rider as a teenager before studying design and jewellery.  

Charis Boyle: Casting call July 2001

She was spotted by Playboy during a casting call for Playboy's special editions in Washington DC in July 2001 so it didn't take her long to make Cyber Girl.

Susan Weiss: Cyber Girl of the Month September 2001

Susan Weiss returned as Cyber Girl of the Month for September with an even more full-on (at least for Playboy) pussy shot especially as she had rather more going on downstairs than some of the other girls.  The 'intellectual' glasses help no end in this one!

Rebecca Ramos: Cyber Girl of the Week September 2nd 2001

Yet another Texan Cyber Girl of the Week led off September, with Rebecca Ramos, who also had the sort of bits that were tricky to hide.  Not that she did, as she shows in the last photo from her pictorial.

Stephanie Heinrich: Playmate of the Month October 2001

The big news of October was that the Cyber Girl programme produced its first Playmate in the surgically 'enhanced' shape of the original Cyber Girl, Stephanie Heinrich.  This page from her Playmate pictorial also publicises the fact that you could see more of her, including video, at the Playboy Cyber Club.  If you paid the subscription, of course.  Jenny McCarthy, Playmate of the Month for October 1994, had been the first Playmate to have video uploaded to the new website but the Cyber Girls had yet to have any videos partnered with their pictorials as yet.

Stephanie Heinrich: Playmate Extra

Just as the Cyber Girls of the Month had a number of new pictorials put online during their brief reign, so did the Playmates.  Some of Stephanie's shots were rather stronger than would have appeared in the pages of the magazine, although the new millennium had seen rather more discrete vulva shots than was typical in the nineties.  The fact that there was now a possibility to become a Playmate having been a Cyber Girl must have done wonders for recruiting.

Erika Michelle Barré: Cyber Girl of the Month October 2001

Cyber Girl of the Month was Erika Michelle Barré, yet another French Canadian Cyber Girl.  When she had appeared as Cyber Girl of the Week back in June she had kept her mound covered but as girl of the month displayed another Playboy-friendly smooth slit.

Anna Pincenti:  Cyber Girl of the Week October 1st 2001

Anna Pincenti hailed from Idaho and gave it some tail in this shot.  Again, another lovely girl and rather disappointing she didn't go on to be a Cyber Girl of the Month.

Brandy Ritchey: Cyber Girl of the Week October 7th 2001

5'8" tall Californian Brandy Ritchie didn't have a big enough bust, no doubt, to have any chance of making Cyber Girl of the Month, let alone Playmate, despite flashing rather more than most Cybergirls of the Week.

Brandy Ritchie: Spring Break 2000

It wasn't her first appearance in the Cyber Club as she had already displayed her superb legs and perky pussy in Playboy's Spring Break 2000 Special Edition pictorial in December 2000.  Spring Break, an occasion when American college students head for the sun to get drunk and have sex with each other, has no equivalent in the UK.  Bad behaviour by students had, it has been argued, a lot to do with the imposition of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in the US; one of only four countries in the Western World with a minimum drinking age of over eighteen (although there are State specific exemptions).  The nearest we have in the UK is when lots of students go to Newquay in Cornwall over the summer, ostensibly for the surfing, but in reality to get drunk and have sex with each other.  It's usually far too cold in Britain at Easter to prance about in swimsuits on the beach.  We've had snow on Good Friday, even in the south!

Brandy Ritchie: Perfect 10 Winter 2002

Anyway Brandy took her lovely legs and natural body across to Perfect 10 magazine for the Winter 2002 issue.

Shiloh McCormick: Cyber Girl of the Month November 2001

Shiloh McCormick (most of these girls really do have, or adopt, the most peculiar names) flashed rather more than she had in her Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial back in July.  She won the peoples' choice prize in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic US Contest in Las Vegas in 2000.  She actually appeared in Playboy Magazine itself, in February 2002 in a pictorial on the Cybergirls, as well as some Special Edition newsstand specials.

Shiloh McCormick:

Shiloh was picked out at a Cyber Club casting in New York earlier in 2001. This shot from that session wasn't posted until after she had become Cyber Girl of the Month, however. In these casting calls Playboy photographers shot basic snaps like this to assess potential.  For Playboy she had two areas of potential, we suspect.  Of the fourteen girls Playboy posted from the session only Shiloh and one other made cyber girl.

 Kerry Roberts (left) and Shiloh McCormick: Girls with Girls 6, October 2010

A third girl from the New York casting, Kerry Roberts, did get another shoot for Playboy and it was with Shiloh in a mild girl/girl set but, for some reason, this wasn't posted until nine years later.

Gina Patrone: Cyber Girl of the Week November 11th 2001

Gina Patrone hailed from Playboy's original home of Chicago and was a leggily gorgeous 5'10" tall.  She is much more to Triple P's taste than the "enhanced" blondes Hefner seems to favour.

Cyber Girl Features Gina Patrone and David Draiman July 2002

In July 2002 she appeared again in the Cyber Club in one of a number of shoots they had using "celebrity" photographers.  In her case she was shot by one David Draiman, the lead singer, apparently, of a rock band called Disturbed, which we have not heard of.  Nevertheless, he took some quite nice shots of Gina in the bath.

Heather Hoke: Cyber Girl of the Week November 18th 2001

Another lovely, natural girl in the shape of Heather Hoke from Washington state.  Heather was a professional  wedding planner and a lovely, pale-skinned redhead.

Natasha Bernasek: Cyber Girl of the Month December 2001

Natasha had kept her groin rather covered in her August Cyber Girl of the Week outing but in this Christmas themed pictorial offered up her pussy as a perfect , pink present.  Another tall girl, at 5'9", she was from Las Vegas.  She had a tiny part as a dancer in the 2002 film Showboy.

Sandee Westgate: Cyber Girl of the Week December 2nd 2001

Sandee (born Sandra) Westgate, the first Cyber Girl of the Week for December, was another plastic Californian bleached blonde so it wasn't surprising that she became one of Hugh Hefner's harem (along with Stephanie Heinrich who we have seen above) of seven girls in 2002.

Sandee Westgate: S.E.X. October 2000

She had already appeared online in a S.E.X. pictorial in October 2000 where she posed for this assertive, for the time, spread legs shot.  

Sydney Moon (left) and Sandee Westgate in Playboy's Girlfriends July 2001

She had posed for a number of print Special Editions by this time too, including Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door (her first, in March 2001) Playboy's Book of Lingerie and here, with Sydney Moon, in Playboy's Girlfriends. 

Sandee Westgate for Hustler December 2004

She went on to appear in many more magazines and websites, including featuring as Hustler Honey for the holiday 2004 issue and as the Club centrefold for July 2005.

Sandee Westgate 2003

Like other Cybergirls she set up her own website, with much stronger solo shots than she had posed for for Playboy.

Sandee Westgate (bottom) with Crystal Klein

However, she later earned the nickname "Playboy girl gone bad" as her modelling got more extreme; with her doing many girl/girl sets which made her original Playboy one look as tame as it was.  Here she is getting a taste for March 2005 Penthouse Pet of the Month Crystal Klein.  The Austrian Klein was also Playboy Croatia's Playmate of the Month for October 2004; one of the rare centrefolds to pose for both magazine empires.

Unlike most of her contemporary Cybergirls' sites, her website is still going and now features her undertaking all the porn stereotypical activities.  Lots of sex toy play, girl/girl sets and even the occasional fetish shoot.

She has been doing hardcore shots since around 2004 on her website but only with her boyfriends at the time.  She is now on her fourth partner for this, porn star Jared Grey, who poses for pictures and videos with her.  Latterly she has been a brunette and has ditched the bleached blonde look seen when she was a Cybergirl.

 Carolee Bass: Cyber Girl of the Week December16th 2001

Carolee was the first Cyber Girl to be born in Alaska, although she went to college in Arizona and it was there she was spotted by the Playboy Special Edition staff.

Carolee Bass: Sexy Wives September 2010

Carlolee reappeared in the Cyberclub nine years later, with shorter hair and looking more womanly.  At least it gives us an excuse to see her from the front and what a very fine front she has.

Tabitha Taylor: Cyber Girl of the Week December 23rd 2001

Another Californian resident (although she was born in Hawaii, which explains her exotic looks) for December in the pussy-flashing shape of Tabitha Taylor.  Taylor had already made her first bit part appearance on screen at this point and has worked ever since in films, TV and commercials, although her parts tend to be called things like "Bikini girl" "Mexican prostitute" "Brunette hottie" "Big breast girl" and "Stripper #2".  A Golden Globe is unlikely.

Carrie Taylor: Cyber Girl of the Week December 30th 2001

So, that concludes our look at the first batch of Playboy Cybergirls.  They are very different specimens from the girls in the seventies, not least because the lighting and photography makes them look glossily unreal.  There are far too many ugly, plastic breasts and their pubic hair, if they have any, is usually just a, to our mind, rather strange symbolic strip.  At least, apart from one or two small exceptions we haven't seen the girls despoil their skin with tattoos yet.  Next time we will look at 2002 and 2003.


  1. Triple P, please don't waste your time with posting pics of women taken in the 21st century. One of the main attractions to your blogs is the, mostly, natural women and the historical information you provide. Sadly, most modern pics are of anything but natural women. G$

    1. Useful feeedback! I am strating work on my next eighties Pubic Wars post today. Shows you you should never listen to girls!

  2. I concur. Please stick to the lovely ladies of the past, particularly the 80s and 90s! Thank you, keep up the great work on this site!

    1. I think of the nineties as quite recent!

  3. I would like you to continue with the Cyber Girls, but perhaps you could limit your pictures to women who are not plasticly enhanced or have unsightly tattoos. That would make your voyage through the decade a bit quicker. Based on posts over on Vintage Erotica Forums, the pictorials seemed to get less explicit after the early aughts, although maybe they are swinging back.

    Playboy's centrefolds also appear to have changed over the past couple of years from busty American sorts to more lithe supermodel types: not exactly the Girl Next Door, but also not disgustingly artificial. YMMV, though.

    1. Yes the last four Playmates have been genuinely beautiful and natural. Let's hope it continues!

  4. I agree, your insights (and interests) are clearly better suited to pre-1985 or so material... Reading you commenting on Cybergirls is a bit like watching a great musician playing/conducting a piece by One Direction or Robbie Williams...

    1. Ha ha! I think this experiment, looking at women of an era I did not know previously has thrown up the fact that I don't like the look of most of them!

      Back to the eighties I think!

  5. You may be conflating your Zoës a little too much. I am reasonably sure that Zoë Zeman is a different girl from Zoë Gregory/Paul though she was born in the same year. Though the bleach and make-up makes it more difficult she does look different with some distinctive moles and a huge smile. She claimed to be "from (pause...giggle) Texas". Del Rio, Texas according to imdb, which lists 15 films for her, all sounding hardcore. I had to watch a clip from one of her films to be sure, just for fact-checking, of course.

    I have to agree that I would only want to see the non-frankensteined ladies, though shaved and tattoos are nice enough on some. About five of the ladies above look lovely to me.

    1. It seems to be a matter of debate. The VEF thread on her seems to think she is the same person...

  6. I'm with the posters above in thinking that the standard plastic-breasted, smooth-mounded, peroxide-haired Hefner girl of the past 20 years or so isn't worth your time. But, having found much pleasant arousal with images of some of these women, I want to name some as genuine beauties who can hold their own in any company: Stephanie Heinrich pre-silicone (too bad we never saw her natural head of hair; she had a lighthouse smile and was wildly alluring in related videos posted on the Cyber site); Katia Corriveau; Joy Behrman; and Christi Taylor, probably the champ of this crowd (but in a narrow win over Corriveau) for what you've properly identified as her especially womanly beauty. The Behrman images here aren't magical, but if you look into the greater Behrman "literature" you'll find some terrifically charming stuff. Katia Corriveau can positively smolder. Another worth looking at is a Heather . . . Heather Christensen, I think.

    1. I think Rundgren is my favourite here...

  7. Not a cyber girl, but still recent... If you ever want to add Bulgarian Venus to your sidebar ...
    Blagovesta Bonbonova ...

    1. Splendid! I have fond memories of Bulgarian women (well, one in particular!)

  8. There's some beauties amongst them ... I'd admired this striking woman reproduced on a London phonebox 'tart card' before I found she was a cyber girl .. . (spoiler alert for future post) ... ...

    (and equally striling fully undressed ...

    1. She certainly has the colouring I like but perhaps a little too plastic for my taste!

  9. Hello Agent triple P.
    I love your blog, especially the entries from the mid to late 70's. There was an attention to careful and creative photography then you don't seem to get today with the instant gratification of the digital camera.
    I was wondering if by any chance you have a copy of Men only volume 42 no.5 from May 1977?
    I'm sure your other readers would love to see the truly stunning Miss Rae St. Charness who features on the cover and centrefold by Fred Enke. The dip of her back as she lies face down on a hammock in St. Lucia is the stuff of dreams.
    I do hope you can find time to upload this gorgeous set.
    I have never found any information about this young lady and I'm not even sure if Rae St. Charness is her true name. Can you shed any light on the matter?
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Regards. Mr. T.

    1. Yes, I have that one. The lady in question is a 20 year old Ava Cadell; Hungarian born former model and actress and now Dr Ava Cadell an eminent and well-known sexologist in the US.

  10. Have you ever done a set on the late-90s playmate Jennifer Rovero? Despite the plastic-Hefner-lighting treatment, she had something special about her--and a lovely natural body.