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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Perky Venus 1: Lara Stone

Agent Triple P is very much a bottom man, with legs coming in second and busts third.  That said, over the last few years we have come to appreciate a larger bust than heretofore, which may have something to do with advancing years.

This month, however, we were very taken by a recent set of photographs of thirty year old Dutch model Lara Stone (especially the one at top, which is a marvel) who had a pictorial in trendy London fashion magazine System.  This, the fourth issue of the magazine, had four alternate covers featuring different women who appeared inside as well as a scratch and sniff cover, hence the tagline.  Lara smells like raspberries, apparently.  

Stone is more famous in Britain for being the (somewhat unlikely) wife of British comedian David Walliams, who is thirteen years her senior.

Lara, who had a baby earlier in the year, posed for London-based German photographer Juergen Teller and the resulting pictures were happily (and unusually) free of Photoshopping.  Its quite brave of someone whose image is everything to agree to this.  She reported that she lost several modelling contracts after her baby's birth because of perceived body issues.

Frankly, we thing she looks gorgeous and like a real woman (albeit an unusually attractive one) rather than someone whose appearance is mostly down to special effects (like Kate Moss).

The most noticeable things about her are her superbly perky nipples; something that Triple P appreciates in a lady.  We used to have a girlfriend who liked to be licked into prominence so that her appearance was just like this.  Hours of endless fun!

So we very much like Ms Stone and her outstanding teats and salute her for appearing in her splendid natural state!  More perky busts another time.

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