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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dancing Venus: Ola Jordan Calendar 2015

Front cover shot and January

Strictly Come Dancing's Polish poppet Ola Jordan's 2015 Calendar has just come out so we need no excuse to present her here.


We have every shot from the calendar although we have included the colour versions of some pictures which are printed in black and white in the calendar itself.


She looks slightly less Photoshopped in this year's effort and at least looks like herself, which was not always the case for the 2014 one.

April (black and white in the calendar)

Ola on location, August 2014

Unlike her previous calendar, which was shot on a sunny beach, this one was photographed in far from glamourous East London.


She is showing even more skin than she did in last year's effort but that, of course, is a good thing.


The grumpy Pole has been embroiled in a bit of scandal over the last few weeks, all of which, no doubt, will be good for sales.


Firstly, Ola went to a nightclub with Strictly contestant Caroline Flack (cougar former lover of teen boy band One Direction's Harry Styles - a fourteen year age difference) and got into a snogging session with her.


Secondly, Ola's celebrity partner this year, simian TV naturalist Steve Backshall, apparently complained to the BBC that 5'3" tall Ola was bullying him.  He demanded that the BBC provide someone to sit in on all his training sessions so he didn't have to be alone with her at any time.

September (black and white in the calendar)

Need less to say, there was no evidence of any tension between them on last week's show but no doubt the supposed spat was good for ratings.


Ola's even grumpier husband, James, whose contract as a professional dancer was not renewed this year, following, it is said, endless arguments with the judges behind the scenes, then said that the BBC was trying to ger rid of Ola too as she was too popular.  Hmm.


All of this means, we suspect, that Ola may not be back next year, especially as she has been saying she wants to start a family.


Her splendid derriere and bouncy upper works will be much missed but at least, with this calendar, she will be going out with a bang.  You can buy it here.  Let's just hope we get her in a catsuit before she is, inevitably, knocked out.

 Rear cover


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