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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 51: Cathy MacDonald, August 1965

Well, it's St Andrews Day today so a good reason to feature a Venus from Scotland.

So here, from August 1966, comes Cathy MacDonald, Penthouse's fourth ever Pet of the Month.

Glasgow-born Cathy was actually the second Scots-born Pet as the second issue's Linda Richie hailed from the Hebrides.

Readers had actually seen their first glimpse of Cathy in the previous issue, where she was featured in this splendidly tactile shot.

Penthouse had launched in March 1965 but Bob Guccione had been taken by surprise by the popularity of the magazine and, with his printers struggling to keep up with demand, only managed to publish every two months to begin with.

Copying the Playboy model, which had originally inspired him to launch a UK equivalent, his centrefold portfolios would also include black and white shots as well as colour. 

Guccione took all the initial shots himself, using available light and no flash or other artificial lighting.  

The Playboy Playmate for August 1965 had three pages of black and white shots of her clothed and just the colour centrefold picture of her undressed.   Cathy, however, was only dressed in one picture out of the seven pages plus the centrefold that Bob Guccione dedicated to her.

At this point, Penthouse insisted that their Pet of the Month had not posed naked for any other publication.  In contrast, Playboy used a lot of well known nude models and exotic dancers, which rather belied their girl-next-door conceit. 

Equally, most Penthouse Pets at this stage never posed again and disappeared back into obscurity.  Initially, many were trainee secretaries who Guccione scouted in Chelsea's King's Road.

Penthouse claimed twenty-two year old Cathy was an actress who had appeared in eleven films but we haven't been able to find anything else about her.

Here she is in another prototypical Penthouse available light shot.  Guccione often had his girls gazing at curtains drawn across windows.

Pubic hair, of course, couldn't be shown in the magazine at this time and various methods were used to cover the offending area.  Here, however, it is quite clear that Cathy has a smooth, hairless groin.  In fact, she shows the most of her mound of any Pet up until that point.

We got one final look of Cathy in Volume 2 Number 1; the September 1966 Pet review issue.  As they hadn't managed to publish the magazine every month they started Volume 2 after 12 issues rather than one year. So in this 13th issue they had a new photograph of every preceding Pet of the Month, so this is Cathy's goodbye picture.


  1. Attractive and progressive (in the minority being fully shaved for that period of time). Very nice choice. G$

    1. Being shaved down there was very popular with nude photographic models as it reduced the necessity for expensive photo-retouching.

  2. There was a Kathy MacDonald who appeared in a small part in The Black Torment in 1964. The production companies of that film did a few other naughty films from 1963 onward. She might have been so minor an extra she was not credited or acted under pseudonyms.

    1. Ah interesting. Yes, back then cast lists on films weren't as extensive as today.