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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Autumnal Venus: Alison Angel

Well, it.s been a very strange Autumn here in the South East of England this year.  On Friday, it was 22 degrees centigrade (the average for this time of the year is 12 degrees) which was very curious for Halloween.  Everyone was wearing short sleeves and buying barbecue food when we went to the supermarket Friday afternoon.

Today, however, we have had our first proper crispy autumnal day (as one of our old girlfriends, S, used to call them).  It's sunny and bright but there was a frost this morning.  We always associate these types of day with S partly, we think, because we began our physical relationship (Triple P had known her for some time before this) with her in the Autumn.  She lived near Richmond Park and we used to go running on mornings like this at the weekend and return to her flat flushed with Autumnal well being and would indulge in a cosy post run shower, massage and languorous sex.  As a result, days like this always get Triple P feeling frisky so we are glad we are off to see our new lady friend later!

As a nice embodiment of the season here is American model Alison Angel.

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  1. Autumn always makes me feel frisky, too--and also for nostalgic, romantic reasons ;) Hope you enjoyed the day!