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Monday, October 20, 2014

Venus Revealed: The Pubic Wars Part 12 1980 part 1

Yet another celebrity-featuring cover for the first issue of the decade, in the rather unpleasant form of Steve Martin,  Six years later, Martin would marry former Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 1978 (under the name Angela Hyer), English actress Victoria Tennant.

Hefner with his invitation fairy, model Caren Stevens

The first pictorial of the eighties was one of those envy-inducing looks at the life of the magazine's publisher.  Hefner had hosted his first pajama party in August 1973 and had held them every midsummer and New Year'e eve since.  This pictorial featured the Midsummer Night's Dream party from August as well as shots from earlier parties.

As well as reportage pictures of second rank celebrities and scantily dressed women the pictorial also featured some posed pictures of Playmates, including this preview shot of future Playmates Liz Glazowski (April 1980) and Victoria Cooke (August 1980).  

Geraldine "Gig" Gangel had a most impressive bust but her Playmate feature's most enticing shot, by Ken Marcus, was this superb rear view. Gangel had featured on the cover of the October 1979 issue with Burt Reynolds.  She had a leading part in 1993 film Killing Device but that was her only film or TV appearance.  A Texan, she now lives on a historic ranch in that state.

After all the fuss over their cheerleaders pictorial in December 1978, which led to more than 50 girls being fired from six teams, Playboy obviously thought it was worth revisiting the subject. This time, however, the ladies involved can have had no illusions at the precariousness of their positions, following the earlier furore.  Indeed, some admitted in the pictorial that they expected to be fired but obviously thought the Playboy exposure worth it.  Actually, some did rather well out of it with some of the ex Dallas Cowgirls setting up their own company and making $1,000 a week from appearances.  In this pictorial. many of the girls appearing had already been fired as a result of the earlier piece.  Ita Siders (above) was a New England Patriots cheerleader until she got sacked as a result of her 1978 appearance but was now working in a magic act at the Chicago Playboy Club with another sacked cheerleader. 

Finally, we had the annual Playmate review.  Quite often in the past some of these pictures had been a bit more explicit than those in the actual Playmate pictorials but not 1980 with only 25th Anniversary Playmate hunt find Denise McConnell (March 1979) displaying a hint of her bits.

There was something of a relaunch for the financially struggling Oui for the start of the decade.  This was headlined by a new feature which would present a Californian girl every week.  Maybe Oui was being criticised for the number of foreign girls it featured although this was, of course, rather fundamental to its European co-production origins.  Recently we have seen similar comments on the Playboy website.  Personally we don't care where a woman comes from as long as she is lovely!  Cover girl (and, again, not featured inside) was Kathy Lautner photographed by Elyse Lewin and revealing rather more nipple than had been typical of late.

So, the first California Girl for Oui was Jackie Johns, supposedly a 22 year old student who claimed she wasn't an actress or a model and had approached Oui to pose rather than the other way around.  The text accompanying her pictorial by Brian Anderson was, unusually, written in the first person.  Whether it was her actual words is most unlikely!

Oui's centrefold girl that month was Annik van Rie shot by staff photographer Jeff Dunas.  Despite first working with Penthouse back in 1972 Dunas was still only twenty-five years old, having started work as a professional at the age of seventeen.  Oui claimed she was Dutch, which could be correct because Dunas was shooting a lot of Dutch and Belgian girls at this time from his European base in the Boulevard St Germain in Monmartre, Paris.  This mirror shot is contains the only visible labia in the magazine.

Big-haired Dunas said that he had taken the job with Oui as he didn't like the direction Penthouse was going and that is was getting "too strong" and he preferred Oui's softer approach where they depicted girls "without their legs apart". He claimed that that was why the girls in Oui were prettier than those in Penthouse.  "The prettiest girls don't want to put one leg on one wall and the other on another.  And I don't blame them," he said.  These days he is more likely to be producing portraits and his nude work in the nineties was very much at the arty. and almost exclusively black and white. end of the spectrum.  He makes no mention of this men's magazines work these days; rather coyly saying in his biography timeline: "1972-1980 Contributed photographic essays and portfolios to publications worldwide on a freelance basis."   

More sexual help was promised in the Oui for the eighties with a new column, Dr Oui.  in addition that month there was an article on how to massage a woman, with a number of semi-abstract pictures by Playboy regular Philip Dixon, an old friend of Jeff Dunas'.

One of the very few glimpses of girls bits came in that month's Aslan picture of this cycling girl who is depicted in that position so beloved of newspaper photographers: The legs akimbo pose.  Something, of course, no real cyclist ever does on a bike.

First Pet of the Month for the decade was the gorgeous Tamara who also features on the cover.  She was photographed, at her own insistence, by a woman photographer; in this case Hawaiian lenswoman Pat Hill in the Everglades. Tamara is one of those models who has contacted us and you can see her complete pictorial and her interesting comments on the experience of posing for Penthouse here in our original post, which we edited at her request.

There were only two photographic pictorials in the January issue which gave Penthouse something of a weak start to the decade.  Fairly regularly photographers of the time had a pictorial where they covered the models in paint.  For some reason Triple P has never responded to this fashion; perhaps because he has enough experience of paint to know that it's texture, smell and taste (and there were several paint-licking shots in this pictorial (The Art of Loving by Earl Miller) don't generate any erotic charge whatsoever.  We don't like body paint pictorials for the same reason.

Far more assertive down below was Club's first centrefold of the decade, who was  none other than October 1979 Penthouse Pet of the Month Tammy Hill, who we looked at in the previous Pubic Wars post, shot by Bryan Whitman.

It was something of a schizophrenic issue for Hustler's first issue of the decade.  The cover was very much about the new year but some of the pictorials were Christmas themed, as the issue was published, of course, in December

The monthly review of X-rated films offered this shot of Desiree Cousteau being threatened by a black strap-on in the Superman parody Ms Magnificent (1979) which we mentioned in the last Pubic Wars post, when Playboy included an unnamed still of it it in their Sex in Cinema feature in November 1979.  Pictures of dildos and vibrators were still very rare in men's magazines at the time.

In these stills from the film we can see what happened next.  Cousteau played the title role and in this climactic scene she has been captured by Jessie St James' villain, Kreeta Borgia, who penetrates her with a Crap-o-nite dildo to remove her powers.  You can see why DC comics had a fit.

A girl/girl pictorial by James Baes entitled Keep on Truckin' didn't have much in the way of sapphic passion and was really more just the two girls posing together, apart from this one where the anus-flashing blonde tries to see what her companion had for lunch.

Hustler had another one of its life-sized centrefolds, in this case it was Toni, shot by Suze Randall, on her sleigh "dreaming of a pink Christmas".

The couples pictorial Heat Stroke by Clive McLean had a noir-style back story about a girl on a tropical island exchanging her favours with the local fixer for a ticket off the island .  The girl in this set was rather fine and although the man stays flaccid this penis grasping shot is quite effective.

The final pictorial featured "Noel" in Christmassy black and white.  We're not sure if its the girl or James Baes photography but her pictorial is a bit dull, with this shot being very much the best in the pictorial.

December 1979 Playmate Candace Collins' alluring eyes gazed out from the cover of Playboy's February issue in this striking shot by Tom Staebler.

A supersonic flight to a bath in the Hotel Meurice in Paris

The concept of a Concorde trip from New York to Paris could have been invented for Playboy so it wasn't that surprising to see a pictorial featuring a fine young lady being wined and dined in the French capital.  Scheduled services on Air France began from Paris to New York and back in November 1977, following bans on flying Concorde into the US and later, after the latter was overturned, by New York.  Worries about noise were cited by the Americans (even though it was proven that Air Force One was noisier on take-off) but the British and French press sensed jealousy on the Americans part that they hadn't invented a supersonic airliner.  Triple P once took a young lady for a weekend in the Meurice, the hotel featured in the pictorial, about six years after this and can confirm the positive romantic effect the place engendered.

Playmate of the Month was the magnificent Sandy Cagle, one of our favourite Playmates of the early eighties, as photographed by Pompeo Posar.  Cagle, from Wisconsin had been a bunny at the Lake Geneva resort in that state.

She had appeared on the cover of Playboy Japan a record four times before becoming Playmate of the Month in the US.

Magazines at the time were increasingly looking to print nude shots of famous actresses before they became famous.  Playboy had dug out shots of Suzanne Somers, then appearing in hit TV comedy Three's Company, after she had appeared  on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and admitted posing for a Playboy photographer when she was younger but that she hadn't done any nude shots.  Playboy knew better and produced shots from the 1970 shoot she had done in Mexico for Stan Malinowski.  She had even filled in a Playmate data sheet and had actually been accepted to be a Playmate but got cold feet at the last minute and declined to pose nude again.  Ironically, when her career nosedived after her appearances in Two's Company finished she agreed to be photographed nude for Playboy formally, appearing in the December 1984 issue.

As Playboy's pictorials became less and less explicit in the early eighties, surprisingly the only split beaver in the issue would come, appropriately, from Margaret Trudeau, the wife of the Canadian Premier, caught, sans culotte at New York's Studio 54 club from their Year in Sex pictorial...

Cover girl Rowena Michelle was from England, or so Oui claimed, but we have been unable to find out anything else about her.

Oui's second "California Girl" was Cleo Bergssen who, they admitted, wasn't Californian at all but Danish.  Anyway she is photographed in fine style by British photographer John Kelly.   Again we can't find anything about her.

That month's centrefold was the exotic Nelia Cozza photographed by Jeff Dunas in Hawaii, who had been the April 1979 issue cover-girl.  You can see her whole pictorial here and discover the odd link between her centrefold shot (above) and an early video game.

Oui featured a return visit for a girl who had been their May 1979 centrefold girl.  Quinn, they claimed, in 1979 and in this issue, was an English fashion model and this time they showed off some covers to prove it.  In fact she wasn't English at all and she wasn't called Quinn.  Oui had been, as before, caught out by their fictitious text.  In the last year she had become very famous and appeared on many top magazine covers.  They still didn't admit her real name or, more likely, the girl hadn't agreed to it being used when photographed, we suspect.  Anyway, she did display the only (subtle) pussy shot in the entire issue.

Quin was in fact Californian model Eva Voorhees who started modelling while still in High School in Los Angeles.  At a time when most Californian models were blonde her dark looks were considered rather exotic and agencies expected that she would only find work in Europe.  Moving to New York to get broader experience, however, within weeks she met photographer Richarde Avedon and was booked for Vogue. She did covers for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and many others.  She appeared in advertisements for Avon, L’Oreal, Revlon, Lancome. Dior, Valentino, DeBeers, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Oscar De La Renta, Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Today she acts as an archivist of all the top models.  A real world class beauty and a good exemplar of the quality of women that Oui attracted before its imminent decline within a year or two.

Aslan's pussy focussed painting that much enticingly demonstrated the appeal of inadvertently popping out of your outfit.

That issue, the magazine featured an amusing interview with Dudly Moore, then hot property in Hollywood following the success of '10'.  The piece featured this interesting shot of the group of porn stars who had been gathered together for the orgy sequence in the film and included Serena, Constance Money and Candida Royale.  The group was recruited by porn star Annette Haven (top row fifth from left).  She had a naked cameo in the party scene but '10' was one of the first Hollywood films to be shot in different versions for TV and theatrical release.  In the TV version the naked Haven is replaced by a swimsuit wearing Star Trek: The Next Generation's Denise Crosby in her first film role.

Penthouse joined Playboy in the recent trend for celebrity covers, declaring Blondie's Debbie Harry as the sex symbol fro the eighties: which may have been a trifle premature, but she had a longer career than Bo Derek, anyway.

The first pictorial was an early one for Danish model Helle Kjaer or Kathi Janson, as they called her.  Helle, photographed by Donald Milne gave us this bold, pussy-touching picture.

This shot of Pet of the Month Linsay Ekert was more convincing as a masturbation shot and her gentle probing finger and nipple touching makes it a very effective example of the teasing Penthouse pussy-play shots of the early eighties.

The final pictorial managed to successfully combine the, arty, explicit and erotic in Earl Miller's Shadow Play (a title and theme that Pentouse would use again 17 years later).  In this, Miller, by shooting his models in silhouette behind a screen managed to apparently show fellatio and penetration for the first time in a Penthouse "love set".  Whether the penis was real we don't know (and that, of course, would have been a defence to a law suit) but we think it probably was.

The ubiquitous Misty Knight appeared as Monique in February's Genesis, photographed by Jason Somers.

Although Club was Paul Raymond's main magazine in the US market, repackaging pictorials from the UK's Men Only, he also had Club International as well.  By this time they were fourth and fifth in US men's magazine circulation after Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.

First up we have Teresa photographed by the amusingly named Fanny.  Fanny was Paul Raymond's answer to  Hustler's Suze Randall as a female staff photographer.  Anyway, Teresa's fanny was particularly well thatched.

The photographer of the issue's second set, of Jilly. was the even more oddly named Dandelion who posed her for more Raymond-style rear end shots.

Fanny was back for the third pictorial of centrefold Carole, also displaying her bottom nicely.

Club International had jumped on the reader's wives bandwagon and ran a monthly feature called Polaroid Princess where readers sent in Polaroid's of their wives and girlfriends.  This girl, Rosemary. neither looks like an amateur nor does the picture look like a Polaroid as Triple P took a number of Polaroids of young ladies at this time and they all looked rather fuzzy.

Another rear end for our final pictorial from Club International's February issue in the shape of Catherine by another Paul Raymond regular photographer, Adam Cole.

In a way. the cover of Hustler's second issue of the eighties already looks of the moment and different from the seventies.  A cover with attitude this!

The monthly review of erotic films took an in depth look at Double your Pleasure (1979) a film about two nieces being pursued by a private detective at the instigation of their wicked uncle, for reasons which are too tedious to relate.  Hustler included this shot of the wholesome looking stars.  In fact stars Brooke and Taylor Young were not nieces but twin sisters

Their first sex scene was a lesbian one with each other which made the Collinson twins girl/girl scene in Some Like it Sexy (1972) look very tame indeed.

Finally, they end up with the detective and his twin brother (also played by real twins).  Hustler didn't think much of the film, however, despite the twins gimmick.

The first proper pictorial of the issue was a girl/girl one by Suze Randall.  Going back to classical sources it purported to be an illustration of, literally, Sapphic girls on ancient Lesbos.  This was a good set, like a naughty Alma-Tadema painting come to life, which contained this picture where one girl has actually inserted the tip of her finger into the other one's pink entrance.  Even for Hustler this was bold.

Another Suze Randall set of Celeste, that month's Hustler Honey and the third out of the last four centrefolds with a basically blue background colour theme.  It sets off blondes nicely, we suppose.

The only remarkable thing about the final pictorial that month was that it had a lady spreading her bits in the company of a live lion.  At first we thought it was stuffed but the pictures make it apparent that this is not the case.  The biggest pussy to ever appear in Hustler.

Playboy managed a combined celebrity and bikini clad girl cover with this shot of woman of the moment Bo Derek, photographed by her husband John and trailing the "sensational" pictorial inside.

The first pictorial featured another actress, however, although when Triple P bought this issue in his second tern at university we had no idea who Melonie Haller was, as the TV series she appeared in, Welcome Back Kotter (which featured an early role for John Travolta) wasn't shown on UK TV.  In a largely labia free Playboy at the time this shot of her by Ken Marcus is remarkably assertive.  Haller only lasted one season on the show.  The month after her Playboy pictorial appeared she went to a party with a film producer to try and revive her stalled acting career.  The party turned out to have an S&M theme and she and other girls there were being videotaped. She was assaulted and later found unconscious on a train. She claimed that she was raped as well as assaulted but counter testimony said that she had willingly participated in sex games.  Eventually, the boyfriend who had taken her to the party was sentenced to 30 days for assaulting her.  Haller claimed she had been offered $100,000 not to go to the police and been threatened and intimidated.  She never appeared on film or TV again.

Playmate of the Month was the peerless Henriette Allais; one of Triple P's favourite Playmates of all time.  Sensuously photographed by Arny Freytag in a pictorial which contained a number of revealing shots you can read much more about her at our Centrefold of the Month post here.

Triple P bought this issue primarily for the Bo Derek pictorial (although we hadn't actually seen the film 10 (1979) at this point) but, like our then (bi-curious) girlfriend, we weren't very impressed with John Derek's pictorial which consisted largely of long lens candid-style shots.  Our girlfriend thought she was an odd shape and that her upper half did not go with her lower half.  She called her "Frankenbo" and said that she preferred Melonie Haller as she said she looked more like her (which she did).

The final pictorial that month was one of Playboy's regular looks at imminent films.  In this case the Bob Fosse biopic All That Jazz (1979); a film we still haven't seen.  As it was about dancing our girlfriend wanted to go and see it but it was many months before it was released in the UK and by then we had split up.  In typical Playboy style, the pictorial featured a mixture of film stills and some other nude shots of some of the background girls and dancers.  One of the latter was Sandahl Bergman (pictured) in one of her earliest film roles and three years before Conan the Barbarian (1982)

For the first time Oui didn't mention who their cover girl was, which is a shame as she was particularly lovely.

Having announced that their first pictorial was going to feature California girls Oui then changed the name of the initial pictorial to The Golden Girl, shot by Brian Anderson who gave us this splendid study in texture.

Another typical French exercise by Jeff Dunas of Chantal Leger with Mlle L being depicted in typical Parisian locations as well as delivering this cute bedroom shot.

There was a long pictorial featuring clothes made from that eighties favourite, Spandex, although it was actually invented in 1959; the name is an anagram of 'expands'.

Although the pictorial features two attractive models there are no Sapphic overtones here, as shot by Playboy regular Philip Dixon, who posed with the two models wearing Spandex as well.

In an entirely photographically labia-free issue, the only split beaver in March's Oui is provided by this unusually graphic Aslan painting.  The girl is, coincidentally (or perhaps not), in an almost identical pose to the rather more dressed one in February's issue.

A rather cheekier cover than of late for Penthouse in this shot by Nolan Saltzman

One of Penthouse's strangest pictorials for some time led out the March issue with August 1977's Pet of the Month Barbara Corser interacting with a shop dummy for the punningly-named Mannequin for all Seasons feature by Antonin Kratochvil.   In this shot the dummy has a bag over its head while Miss Corser appears to mimic pissing all over him with a hose. Strange and not really sexy.

Pet of the Month was the outrageously leggy Mary Bess Knight from Minneapolis (or at least that is what Penthouse maintained).  She gave herself a little diddle in this voyeuristic picture by Earl Miller.

The final pictorial featured Valerie Lauren photographed by John Copeland.  Miss Lauren toyed with her pussy in half a dozen shots and displayed some juicy Hustler style engorged labia  too.

Art Mancini's shot of the magnificent Carole, that month's centrefold girl, decorates the cover of March's Club.

Even at this point in the eighties, some of the girls were starting to trim themselves down below.  Not a practitioner of this habit, however, was Elenor, as photographed by Dwight Fox.  She is bushy all the way round to the back.

Lynn, photographed by Edward Holzman presents another typical Club rear view.   Holzman would go on to direct a number of  Penthouse and Playboy videos and soft-core erotic thrillers in the eighties and nineties.  He also lived with porn star Ginger Lynn for a while.

Cover girl and centrefold Carole (actually Misty Knight, again) displays herself to Art Mancini's lens in a pictorial that included quite a lot of faux masturbation as well as very assertive leg spreading..

Lady Anthea Drummond was, supposedly, an English aristorcat writing a sex column for Men Only which was reprinted in Club. She reviewed different sex toys on the market.  In this pictorial we are (again, supposedly) presented with the lady herself posing rather coyly with some vibrators (although the picture of her in her column looks quite different!).  As we have mentioned before, the depiction of dildos or vibrators in pictorials at this time was very unusual.

Finally. we had Janice by RB Kane in pink satin  and tickling her pussy a lot in a nicely lit pictorial.  RB Kane would go on to shoot a lot of sets for Leg Show magazine. 

Hustler's March cover featured its first fully nude woman for a year, in a rather elegant un-Hustler type shot.

Some of the shots illustrating the X-rated cinema section had been the most explicit in the magazine.  Perhaps the editors reasoned that they could get away with them because the pictures were smaller and they were in the nature of reportage (Playboy took a similar barrier-pushing approach with some of their Year in Sex pictorial shots).  For the last few months, the erections had disappeared from this feature but this month we got a firmly grasped member in this shot from Her Name was Lisa starring Samantha Fox (no not the short-necked stumpy British Page 3 girl).  The film actually had a (rather downbeat) plot and got good reviews at the time.  The small busted Fox gradually fell out of favour with the onslaught of big busted silicone enhanced porn stars in the eighties and eventually went back to her original career of dance.

Another Lisa and another porn star in the sizzling shape of red-headed sex-siren Lisa De Leeuw (born Lisa Trego in Illinois in 1958) who appeared as "Red" in the issue's first solo pictorial by Matti Klatt. She had started appearing in men's magazines about six months before this issue and would do many hardcore shoots.

Lisa indulges in a little intimate licking before her lady friend and a gentlemen entertain her in turn

She had appeared in her first adult film in 1978 and would remain active until the late eighties.  At one point in the early nineties it was rumoured that she had died of AIDS but more recently it has been claimed that she is still very much alive.

Hustler had two centrefolds that month in the identical shapes of twins Sandy and Syndi who appeared very comfortable with each other's bodies in a rather more sisterly way than is, perhaps, usual.  Suze Randall encouraged the friendliness.

The final solo girl was called Brenda a name which, in the UK at least, has connotations of old, perhaps, rather large women.  It is, anyway, an old fashioned name here, usually associated with women in their fifties, sixties and seventies.  We were amused when we heard that Shannon Doherty's character in Beverly Hills 90210 was called Brenda as a less appealing name for an attractive young lady would be hard to imagine!  Poor Brenda looked morose throughout her James Baes-shot pictorial and failed to deliver any erotic spark in her set except in this one shot where she displays her enticing arsehole. 

The final pictorial  Spanish Eyes was one of Hustler's notorious interracial couples ones and featured this very excited looking chap.  There could be no complaints about limp dicks from the readers with this particular specimen.

So we go into the eighties with the magazines taking very different approaches to the depiction of their models. Magazines such as OuiPlayboy and Gallery were getting noticeably less explicit.  Hustler had largely taken the erections out of its couples pictorials and Penthouse was also backing off on the more extreme "love sets".  


  1. That brunette in the truck in the Jan 1980 Hustler Keep on Truckin' pictorial looks a lot like early 80s porn star Loni Sanders.

    1. I am certain you are right. Those years I suffered from Loni Fever and I would recognize her anywhere.

    2. We'll be seeing a bit more of her in the next post.

  2. 'Gig' Gangel's backside is delicious. Beautiful lines and tattoo free. What a feast for the eyes! G$

    1. It really is a piece of work, coupled with a beautiful, well-defined back! Why a woman today would want to spoil such perfection with a gross tattoo is beyond me, as you say!

  3. just a suggestion for a future post: the Isabelle Illiers' case...

  4. When will part 2 be coming up? Will you be posting the Stratten pics for playmate of the year?

    1. These posts take around 2-3 months to produce. Certainly will be covering Dorothy Stratten in detail.

  5. I still think Sandy Cagle (Playboy's Miss February 1980) is a stunner and was disappointed not to see her the one time I went to the Lake Geneva resort club in 1981. I lived and worked in Lake Geneva during 1980-81 but only went to the Playboy club there one time, when a group of guys and some spouses went with a co-worker's loaned Key card. Sad to think that these clubs are now extinct. At the time, they were an expensive luxury at a time when money was tight and my wife would have been much angered by my spending time in a place where so many lovely ladies worked. My wife wouldn't have problems with my going now (not because we're both so much older, but because she has a better sense of fun and sees the humor in the whole Bunny schtick now). Sandy Cagle may have departed from Wisconsin by 1981 anyway. Does anyone know what became of her? The Playboy Playmate book published a few years back didn't have any updated information on her.

  6. I would bet money that the model on the cover of the March 1980 Oui is Jeana Tomasino who, by the way, merits special attention in a future post!

  7. Of the various published national and special editions of major men's magazines ever to have clearly depicted genital-genital penetration in a photo, when did they first do so?

    I'm not particular about how you determine the "major magazines" for this purpose. I'm only familiar with a half-dozen or so men's magazine brands from the last four decades--Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Club, Club International, Oui, Gallery are all I can think of off the top of my head.


  8. There have been lots of are they or aren't they shots since the late seventies but I think its generally accepted that the first absolute undeniable clearly visible penis to vagina penetration was done by Janine Lindemulder in September 1997's edition of Penthouse.

    1. What about firsts in other mags? (Of course, some of them never have shown this...)

      Doubtless the camera distance has varied from photo to photo. Any historical info on this?

      Have there been trends since 1997 in how frequently or infrequently penis/vagina penetration has shown up?

      Would these make interesting topics for an article in a regular issue of Venus Observations?

      Interesting history to some of us, at least...

    2. Yes a lot to discuss here. Penthouse was the first of the major magazines though. I'll get there in the end!

    3. Thanks. I'll keep an eye open. (More likely both of them. :-)

  9. The female model in the Hustler 'Spanish Eyes' layout is the awesome Keli Stewart.

  10. When you get around to The Pubic Wars: 1980 Part 2, please review and give us some commentary on Playboy's May 1980 pictorial on stewardesses, and on the PMOM Martha Thompsen, who is, I think, one of the most underrated Playmates of the 1980's. I thank you in advance.

  11. Is 1980 part 2 still in the works?

    1. Yes, I have to just format and write the text for one last pictorial and then it is complete. Hope to get it done this weekend.

  12. I posted in the 1977 blogs, but just noticed that this one is quite active. Do you have scans of the July 77 Hustler, particularly the centerfold (Monica Chapa)? I lived in Dayton Ohio in those years and rented a house from her mother, who had been briefly married to Larry Flynt. Monica used to come around the house with her mom. It would make my year to be able to see the pictorial again. Thanks!

    1. Sadly I don't have this one. It's the third anniversary issue so is usually quite expensive although Amazon US has it on sale at present for not too much.

  13. Have you done a feature on Penthouse 1977 Pet Deborah Zullo? She is a long-time favorite of mine, and we have become friends on Facebook. She also recently sent me an autographed pic from her Penthouse days. Hope you find time for her. And when you get to the 90's I can hardly wait for a feature on Stacy Moran, who was everywhere for years, and if I'm still alive when you get to the 2000's, I hope to see you do a feature on August 2002 Penthouse Pet Jordan West. Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Deborah Zullo is well worth uncovering!

  14. Suzanne Sommers was/is hot! She really had/has nothing to be ashamed about regarding her Playboy photos. The photos were not too explicit, especially when compared to what was shown later in the mid to late seventies. Showing a little pubic hair is almost nothing compared to a legs spread, all girly-bits visible photo, at least in my opinion. She has stated that she had financial problems, which led to her posing for Playboy. Most reasonable people would not hold it against her that she posed nude for some much needed money, as she was an unemployed single mother at the time. Young women in such a position often do things that later cause them embarrassment, but they need not lie about it or deny it later, especially since the photographers can easily produce the incriminating photos. Denying it is just silly and quite unnecessary, as Marilyn Monroe proved years earlier.

    1. I have removed a number of pictures from this blog at the request of the models featured, on the basis that they could not have predicted the existence of the internet which made every one of the shots they thought would be seen for a month and then lost universally available for ever.

  15. Jeff Dunas' contributions to our eyes, hearts and minds go beyond his photo essays & pictorials.

    His daughter, actress Alexa Davalos can easily hold her own against any the hundreds of lovelies that have exposed themselves to his lens.
    She can be seen briefly nude in 2003's And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself and 2007's Feast of Love.
    Definitely a world class beauty, in my opinion.

    1. I remember her in Clash of the Titans too

    2. Have not seen that. Did she reveal her charms in that one?
      I first saw her on the vampire TV show Angel and then in tRiddick flick with Vin Diesel.

    3. First, a minor numerical correction. The mother of Canada's new premier-elect modelled for a photo of her lady parts, shown above, at the club called Studio 54. Second, some USA politics. Strange as it sounds, porn star Long Dong Silver, whose name is plastered on one of the magazine covers you publish above, featured infamously in the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.