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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Venus in black stockings 7: Nude in black stockings by Miroslav Kraljević

Nude in black stockings (1912)

Here is another splendid young lady, dressed only in black stockings, from influential Croatian painter Miroslav Kraljević (1885-1913), Rubbing her eyes, she seems to be in the process of just waking up; sprawled sensuously on a bed.

Kraljević was born in Gospić (also the birthplace of Nikola Tesla), in the mountainous region of what was then the Croatia-Slavonia region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  In 1904 he moved to Vienna where he studied law, although he took painting classes in his spare time.  He gave up on the law and continued his artistic studies in Munich.  He returned home from 1910-1911, painting portraits, landscapes and doing sculpture.  Receiving a grant to study in Paris he did much of his best work there from 1911 until 1912.  His health deteriorated and he spent two months in 1913 in a sanatorium back in Croatia.  He left hospital to travel to Zagreb but died two days later, on 16th April 1912, at the age of 27.

Self portrait (1911)

Latterly, Kraljević has been considered one of the fathers of Croatian painting along with the fellow Croatian artists he studied with in Munich, who are now known as the Munich Circle.  It's a shame his career was cut short at such an early age.

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