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Friday, October 31, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 29: Suzannah James, January 1977

This is the post we should have done in January and features Susannah, shot by top French photographer Serge Jacques, who had been shooting naked ladies for magazines since the forties and is still doing so today.

Suzannah appeared in Club International for January 1977.  Jacques was an influential photographer but we have to say that he can't have spent a whole lot of time on this shoot which has very flat and uninteresting lighting and rather uninspired poses from the bored-looking girl.  Half the pictures feature these every late seventies shiny sheets and a blue background which became more and more common in Paul Raymond magazines in the late seventies and eighties.

The short piece of accompanying text just said that Suzannah would like to participate in the Beaujolais Nouveau race. In 1970 London restaurant owner Marcus Berkmann and TV presenter, writer, Member of Parliament and London Playboy Club director Clement Freud (who we once sat opposite on the Bath to London train a few years ago) were having dinner at the Hotel Marittones in the Beaujolais region of France.  During the course of the dinner they evolved the idea of racing back to London to see who could get a case of the newly bottled Beaujolais Nouveau back home first.  They did the same the following year but then Fleet Street got involved through The Sunday Times and the larger Beaujolais Run took off.  Eventually the Royal Air Force entered and took the record for the run by using a Hawker Harrier jump jet.

Beaujolais Nouveau is unusual in that it is bottled and released for sale very shortly after harvest (six to eight weeks), originally, since 1951, on November 15th and now, since 1985 on the third Thursday of November.  Back in the nineteen eighties, Triple P remembers all the wine bars and off licences selling the wine on the day of release and it was traditional to go out and drink what was, at best, a rather peculiar tasting wine on Beaujolais Nouveau Day.  The tradition seems to have lapsed now and we can't remember seeing it for sale in supermarkets, as it used to be.  In the US they market it as a Thanksgiving wine but how popular it is there we don't know.

Anyway, after this vinous observation we need to return to Susannah and her really extraordinary bush.  Even in the second half of the seventies a rug as thick and copious as this was unusual.  The key difference between her and most models of the time is that her bush grows down the inside of her thighs.  Younger viewers will no doubt be horrified but it must be remembered that this is how a lot of women were before they started trimming themselves.  For many women this was a pre-summer holiday ritual only to get their fluff to stay under their swimsuit bottoms (and high-cut legs had yet to make an appearance).

Now, the question is, what nationality is Suzannah?  Club International was a British magazine but Serge Jacques was a French photographer so it seems more likely that she was French model.  It could mean nothing but in the picture above there are a lot of Mickey Mouse pictures.  For some reason, the French (who are otherwise a rather culturally sophisticated people) love Mickey Mouse.  There is a reason Euro Disney was built in France!  So we like to think of Suzannah as a nice French piece, with her superbly tactile-looking pussy.  Well worth a stroke!  

Our Bald Venuses versus Bush Venuses post is still one of the most popular ones on the site, having clocked up no less than 155,000 views since we posted it in April 2012, but we have to say that Suzannah is one of the bushiest specimens we have featured so far!  One of the posts we are working on at present will present a lot of girls with little or no fluff, however, so there is always something for everyone, we hope!

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  1. reminds me a bit of the movie about Bob Crane and the line about needing a flashlight when getting in the panties of one of his conquests. how about a top 10 list of bushiest beauties?