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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 33: Karyl Pierson

Our particular friend S, from Canada, is something of a motor cycle aficionado and had just bought a new bike, she tells us.  Agent Triple P  has no interest in motor cycles (he has certainly never ridden one) and considers them to be travelling death traps.  They have always been popular subjects for photographers for men's magazines, however.  

When speaking to S last night, she suggested that I find a pictorial featuring a motor bike.  We can recall several but the one that leaped immediately into our mind is this from from May 1976's Men Only.

We consider this to be something of a classic issue as it was the very first one we owned, when we found a pristine copy under the seat in the train on the way to school.  You can see more pictures from this issue here. Despite looking under many, many seats on trains while on our way to school for the next two years we never found another such magazine, sadly.

Photographed by Clive McLean, who was doing some wonderful work at this time, it is a beautifully lit set of the kind you just don't see anymore as magazines today insist on using what appear to be searchlights to illuminate their models.

There are two things which make it such an effective pictorial.  Firstly, is the use of the striking, bright green helmet in an otherwise simple black, silver and tan palette.  Secondly, of course is the unzipped leather body suit featuring Karyl's labia bursting out of the zipped orifice like a split fig. The contrast between her delicate bits, the chunky metal zipper and her fluffy pubic hair, especially in the one above, is very effective. 

In the second part of the pictorial she dispenses with both the helmet and the body suit and poses just wearing her boots.  The lighting in these gives her hair an almost silvery tone which matches the silver highlights in her boots and on the bike.

Now we know virtually nothing about motor bikes but we do remember that, at the time, this machine, the Kawasaki (or "Kwackers", as it was known at school) 900 was considered the ultimate bike by Triple P's more knowledgeable friends, even though the most any of them could aspire to was the Yamaha Fs1e  (known as the "Fizzy") 50cc moped.

Such was the lure of two-wheeled transport then, when one boy, a hitherto unregarded sort of chap, was bought one for his birthday his stock at school immediately shot up enormously.  We love the halo of fluff Karyl is demonstrating in this one.  How anyone can prefer a bald, one given a shot like this, is beyond us!  You can feel it tickling the palm of your hand!

Here we have Karyl demonstrating a beautiful heart shaped bottom.  We wonder if she did any more magazine shoots because in the few pictures where you can see her face she is really stunning.  The accompanying text said she was Dutch, but we all know how much notice we can take of those blurbs.

Men Only had only been showing assertive labia shots for a few months so these two examples were more than enough to excite the admiration of Triple P and his friends.

Usually, Club in the US had the same pictorials as Men Only but a month or two later.  The pictorial of Karyl was unusual in that it actually appeared in the US magazine before it was published in Men Only in the UK, in Club's April edition..

Mostly the pictures were the same as in the UK edition (a few were flipped horizontally) and in fact Men Only had all the shots of Karyl just wearing her boots which didn't appear in Club at all.  Club did, however, have these two shots which weren't in Men Only, including this fine body suit one.

In Club, Karyl was actually the centrefold so here is her double page, er, spread.  So we hope that S enjoys the lovely Karyl and is careful on her new Harley-Davidson!


  1. Be careful on that new bike, S! And do get yourself a lime-green helmet! ;)

    1. Ha! Ha! The lime green helmet is probably a good safety feature!

  2. That brings back memories. Men Only was something I truly looked forward to in those days.
    And, do forgive me, but I can't resist mentioning that S is a motorcycle aficionadA!

    1. Certainly correct! These days it is rather akin to saying fora rather than forums, as I did once in a meeting only to get a lot of funny looks! Whatever, she looks very nice in leather!