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Friday, September 19, 2014

Non-centrefold Venus of the Month 36: Circe Stathakos (Rosemary England)

We have had a request for this pictorial which brings us up to date on, at least, our August non-cemtrefolds of the month. We will carry on filling in the gaps.

This pictorial appeared in the August 1979 issue of Penthouse and was photographed by Christer Flodqvist in the Aegean.

Circe, said the text, was a Greek girl who was named after the sorceress of "Ancient myth" who turned men into swine.

All utter nonsense, of course, because, in reality, she was English Page 3 girl Rosemary England f(real name Jada Smith) from the far from exotic British south coast resort of Bournemouth.

Twenty-four years old at this time, she had been appearing in men's magazines since 1976.  She retired from modelling in 1980 following the death of Mary Millington with whom she had been appearing in some of David Sullivan's magazines such as Whitehouse and Playbirds.  You can read more about her in our Pubic Wars post covering the third quarter of 1979.

Rosemary had a stunning figure and the sunny Greek location was a good one but she was poorly served by Penthouse who only gave her pictorial six pages with six pictures; one of which was very small.  Still, they almost made up for it with this superb rear end shot.

Her final shot was rather more explicit than what she had done for the likes of Mayfair but was nothing compared to what she posed for in the David Sullivan magazines.

Fortunately, we have these outtakes to enable us to admire her splendid form in more depth.  Here she is in an unbuttoned top and some see-through knickers.

A different top, this time, but just as unbuttoned.  Sensibly, she has decided to dispense with her knickers altogether.  It's probably far too hot under the Greek sun!

Here she is up on the roof.  Tho thirds of the pictures in her original pictorial came from this sequence and we are not surprised, as they are the nicest photographs in the shoot.

Here she is in the red outfit that features in the remaining two pictures in the pictorial in the magazine, although neither of them were from this sequence, shot through a doorway.  Perhaps it was felt that they didn't look obviously Greek enough.

Finally, we have her writhing around on a sun bed to excellent effect although, perhaps, none of these are as potent as the thigh gripping shot in the original magazine pictorial.  So, a splendid young woman in her prime nicely cooked by the Greek sun.  What a feast!  We can almost smell the taramasalata!  Especially in the bottom one.


  1. Sad to think shed be an old woman now!

    1. If you look at the link in the piece you can see a more recent picture of her.

  2. For me at least, she has the perfect body. Glorious pictures!

  3. Penthouse liked hairy women, didn't they?

  4. I wish today's girls looked like this. Natural: animal: hot as lava. I wish I had a time machine. Jada would be worth going back for. Shit! She'd be in her seventies now wouldn't she. Jesus!

    1. No, she was quite young when she started so I think she would be in her late fifties

  5. What a beautiful woman. Absolutely gorgeous. I remember seeing her in Mayfair magazine (as Alana Ford) when I was a boy and falling in love with her there and then. Although much older now I don't think I've ever seen any girl or woman, in real life or otherwise, quite a lovely as this raven haired beauty. She really is breath taking.