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Monday, September 1, 2014

Non centrefold Venus of the Month 24: Marisa Miller, August 1997

A rare excursion into the nineties for the non-centrefold of the Month for August (although this is the post we should have actually posted last August, as we are running about one year behind).  

August 1997 saw the first issue of Perfect 10 magazine; which actually didn't have a centrefold at all as all fifteen girls within had equal billing.  Our girl, Marisa Miller, has been featured on The Adventures of Triple P quite extensively here and here so we don't need to discuss her any more in this post.

Suffice to say that this was her first major appearance (and certainly her most undressed appearance) at the age of eighteen.  This was four years before Mario Testino saw a picture of her and made her a superstar.

Perfect 10 was the brainchild of 47 year old Maths professor Dr Norm Zadeh who made millions on Wall Street and playing championship poker.  He decided to set up Perfect 10 when a friend of his was rejected as a Playboy Playmate because her bust wasn't big enough.  He decided to publish a magazine, starting it with $2.8 million of his own money, which featured only natural girls who hadn't had implants. 

The first issue's editorial said: "For too long, women have been led to believe that men prefer large artificial breasts to smaller natural ones...Women should not be asked to surgically alter their bodies to become more "beautiful".  All the models who appeared in Perfect 10 had to undergo a scar check before they were allowed to appear in its pages.

Zadeh thought that there was a place in the market for a "classy" men's magazine that didn't feature plastic busts and spread legs.  Certainly most of the girls in the first issue were only topless with just a few shots of fur.  Over the next few years there were some glimpses of labia, especially in the online shots but the images were actually not dissimilar to Playboy's despite Zadeh's earlier assertion that Playboy had become "implanted and raunchy".

Initially Zadeh wouldn't accept advertisements and wouldn't contemplate alcohol of tobacco advertisements at all.  This meant he had to make his money off the $6.95 cover price ($2 more than Playboy) as initially he only had 500 subscribers compared with Playboy's 2.5 million at the time.  The magazine appeared every two months and eventually went quarterly before ceasing print publication after ten years with the summer 1997 issue.  However, it  hasn't disappeared altogether and continues as a website subscription site.

Heavily promoted in the first few issues was Perfect 10's $435,000 model search.  Twenty girls were selected from the first four issues and a panel of judges chose a winner ($200,000) second ($100,000) and third ($50,000) prizes with the remaining 17 girls splitting the rest.  Marisa Miller, came third in the competition announced the following year.

The magazine itself, unlike the other major men's magazines of the time, had virtually no text.  Just a few short interviews with some of the girls.  It was all about the pictures which were all shot by (unnamed) staff photographers.

Certainly, the girls were world class, by anyone's standards, with many coming from Europe.  The first issue featured fifteen girls and, other than Marisa included Erica Lookadoo (who as Juliet Cariaga would be Penthouse Pet of the month for December 1997 and Pet of the Year 2000), Alexandra Karlsen (who as Lexie Karlsen would be Playboy Playmate of the Month for March 1999 as well as Penthouse Pet of the Month for July 2006 - only the third girl to be both Pet and Playmate) and Monica Hansen (Miss Norway 1997)

When Zadeh launched Perfect 10 Hugh Hefner released a statement which read  "We would certainly never disqualify a beautiful model because she had made the decision to enhance her figure.''   Yes, and that's why we much prefer Dr Zadeh's estimable approach!


  1. Just stumbled on your site. I find it very interesting. Just curious ... what is the criteria you use for your posts? I think it's good you use pics from many different magazines. I didn't realize that marisa miller was in PERFECT 10, let alone it's premier issue. If it suits you, please check out Penthouse Pet July 1985 ... Phyliss Partin. She was my wife from 1981 to her untimely death in 2001.

    1. I have no criteria, I just post what I feel like! I am well aware of Miss Partin who certainly connected with the camera in a very special way. Unfortunately I don't have that copy of Penthouse (one of the few I am missing from the eighties). Sorry to hear of her early death.