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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Egyptian Venus: Yara Naoum for nine million visits

We have just passed nine million visits on Venus observations.  There are no countries or American states with populations of nine million so we had to look to populations of cities.  At just over nine million people, by the city proper definition, we have Cairo.

Born there in 1987 we have the  5' 9" tall Yara Naoum who was picked as Miss Egypt and took part in the 2008 Miss Universe competition held in Nha Trang, Vietnam, although she was unplaced.

She was actually the runner up in the 2007 Miss Egypt competition but replaced the winner for the competition.

Only one Miss Egypt has won one of the two big beauty contests: Antigone Costanda, who became Miss World in 1954.  Se was unable to return to London the following year to crown her successor because of tensions between Britain and Egypt over the Suez Canal and actress Eunice (Dr No) Gayson had to do the honours instead.

In 2012 she married Egyptian international footballer Emad Moteab, who was picked for Egypt's 2012 Olympic team.  They had a daughter in 2013.  What a splendid womanly figure she has!


  1. No American states have populations of more than 9m?? Do better research! Think of all the Playmates and PH Pets who come from Cal., NY. Fla, Tex, to name but many more.

    1. I didn't write "more than nine million" I wrote "nine million". The point is that the territory exemplar has to be as close to the ACTUAL view figure as possible. Not MORE than nine million, in this case, but the closest to EXACTLY nine million usually erring on the slightly over figure.

  2. she's fantastic ...

    congrats on the hits