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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 61: Susan Gabrielson, June 1986

We make no apology for featuring another Penthouse Pet from 1986 so soon after Michelle Walker (March 1986).  Now Triple P doesn't usually go for blondes but Susan Garbrielson made a big impact on him at the time and an even bigger impact on his then girlfriend.

Susan appeared as the centrefold in the June 1986 issue of Penthouse which featured this striking cover.

The title page of her pictorial featured her in this over the top piece of experimental couture.  She looks rather like she has been swallowed by some sort of alien sand worm.

Susan, as we can see from these portraits from the pictorial by photographer Dieter Schmidt, was a spectacularly beautiful girl in the classic Nordic style.  Worthy of Vogue, Schmidt was obviously captivated by her flawless face. 

Schimdt had had three pictorials published in Penthouse in the late seventies but then disappeared from its pages until 1986 when he had another three.  This one was his last in the magazine.

Here Susan emerges from her sand worm frock and the light catching on her sparse fluff indicates that she is probably a natural blonde.  Triple P, having said that he didn't go for blondes had just moved from a girl with exactly this sort of colouring to another blonde who turned out, on further inspection, to actually be a redhead.

This being Penthouse we had to have the requisite pussy teasing shots and Susan's are gently sensuous.  Agent Triple P's previous blonde girlfriend, at this time, didn't go in for much masturbation but the new one, who was current when we picked up this copy of Penthouse on a foreign trip, loved to diddle herself, especially if someone was watching.  

She was a slow stroker, rather than a quick frigger and just used to enjoy lying with her legs spread and teasing herself, just like this, although her preference was for black, lace hold-up stockings rather than white ones.

Here is the first of a series of enticing rear views from Susan.  Schmidt always liked to drape his models in such a way that they were rarely completely naked but always seemed to be emerging from their clothes or sheets.  It's a most effective technique.

What was Schmidt's most characteristic pose, however, was the upskirt shot, as demonstrated by Susan here.  Elegant swathes of fabric drape her body in contrast to the boldly displayed bits.  In fact, it's not clear whether she is actually wearing it or just is sitting with it across her body.  We must feature Schmidt's first upskirt pictorial for Penthouse, of Lucia St Angelo (September 1977) another time.  

The difference between Gabrielson's shots and St Angelo's are the inclusion, in the former, of a number of anal shots.  There is no doubt that one of these is presented the wrong way around but that is the way they were printed in the magazine so we have kept to that.  The one above is from the Australian version of the pictorial as it avoided going across two pages and therefore the unsightly join we have in the one below.

Interestingly, in the Australian version, they have eliminated Miss Gabrielson's visible tampon cord which you can just glimpse in the shot above as well as in the cropped version of the close up from the US edition above.  This is a very rare sighting in a mainstream men's magazine.  It may explain why the lovely Miss Gabrielson looks so grumpy throughout her pictorial.

The final picture from the US edition has Miss Gabrielson on her knees offering up her nicely puckered arsehole.  Following the Michelle Walker shots a few months before, this one caused our girlfriend to embark upon her first anal adventures with us.  "I never thought of it as a sexy area until now!" she said.  Certainly Dieter Schmidt presents it as such, as we shall see further.

In German Penthouse. Susan wasn't the Pet of the Month but did appear as the last pictorial in the October 1986 issue.  We'll just show the pictures which were different from those which appeared in the US edition.

Penthouse Germany was a lot less explicit than its American edition at this point and no labia were shown in the magazine.  Given this it's not surprising we get a number of portraits.  Oddly, the one immediately above is not only flipped but is also upside down compared with the version in the American issue.

This tummy and pussy stroking pose is very similar to one in the US edition but here Schmidt has her in a blue top rather than draped in a blue sheet.

Two bust caressing ones next. Schmidt has really caught the original Penthouse self-absorbed vibe well.  If only poor Susan looked a bit happier!

The final three shots in the pictorial feature Susan's magnificent rump.  In the last two her elegant fingers drift towards her hidden but implied anus.  So, the German edition gave us around ten new shots of Susan.

There were more new pictures in  her pictorial in Penthouse Australia.  This came out a couple of months later than the US edition, for the August 1986 issue.  Australian Penthouse was unique in that it came in different editions.  The Black Label edition was not for sale in newsstands but was only available on subscription. First launched in August 1983, the subscribers edition contained more explicit pictorials than the regular newsstand edition and also included couples pictorials which the regular edition didn't.  The Australian Black Label edition showed a clear hard core penetration shot over a year and a half before the US edition in the nineties.  That pictorial, The Greeks Have a Word for it, appeared in the January 1996 edition and was the first hard core pictorial in any edition of Penthouse.

The subscribers' edition was re-named as Black Label from May 1986 onwards and Susan's pictorial appeared in the third official Black Label edition.  Again, we won't put up duplicate shots but nearly all of them were different from the US and German selections. This shot, which opened her pictorial, demonstrates the difference in approach to the more romantic German edition from the start.

That said, the beauty of her face meant that the Australian editors still included this large portrait across two pages.

This photo is a slightly different version of one which appeared in the German edition and has her cupping her pussy more assertively.

The Black Label edition has even more pussy self-caressing shots than the US one.  As well as these three it included one of the US labia stroking pictures too which meant she was pictured teasing herself no less than six times.

Schmidt gave us an anal focussed shot in the US edition and the Australian editors included this different arsehole shot too.  Her pussy is hidden bringing her prominent anus into particular focus.  This brings to an end (appropriately) our pictures of Miss Gabrielson from the August 1986 Penthouse Black Label edition.

Fortunately we have a good selection of pictures which didn't appear in any of the three editions we have looked at so far.  Most are variations on ones we have already seen but none the worse for that.

First off we have a couple of shots similar to the one that appeared in the US edition which we can call pensive Susan or, perhaps, headache Susan or even period pain Susan.  Despite the gentle pussy touching it's not really a very successful pose.

This one is an almost identical pose to one which appeared in the German edition but this time she has dispensed with her blouse.  She doesn't look in so much pain here!

Susan has particularly lovely nipples so it's good to see her giving them a good tweak here.  Or maybe she is trying to improve her reception.

This is always a good pose in which to offer a glimpse of a lady's pussy without the necessity for unsubtle and contrived spread legs poses.  Susan has a lovely package, with her inner labia bursting from her mound like an overripe fig.

This shot is another good example of a natural pose which nonetheless gives us an enticing glimpse of Susan's pussy.

Here is a fuller version of the shot where she is displaying her tampon string.  It's a nice pose though and owes something to Boucher, perhaps.

Here are a couple of rather more revealing versions of a shot that appeared in the German edition.  Schmidt, who appreciated the power of selective exposure, has her clothed with just her bottom revealed.  In the one below her finger drifts towards her anus.

Here are two variants on one of the upskirt shots from the US edition. It actually looks as if, from these shots, that she is draped in material rather than actually wearing a skirt.  Still, the effect is delightfully the same.

There is no doubt that this close up is a genuine upskirt shot as it features the rather haute couture dress seen in the US and Australian editions.

Here it is again, either on or under Susan, in several other shots but this time with with added naughty fingers.

More pussy play in white stockings.  Triple P's girlfriend, who we mentioned at the beginning of this post, was the first girl we had known who used to enjoy playing with herself while lying on her front like this.  It was always an enjoyable view and we always made sure that we positioned ourself so we could get an almost identical view to this excellent picture.  In fact, in the end she actually bought a chair for her bedroom so we could sit on it at the end of her bed.  How thoughtful!

More questing fingers here in a different version of a shot that appeared in the US edition.

Schmidt obviously took a lot of pictures of Susan playing with herself.  This nice trio is part of a sequence from which one of the US issue photos was taken from.

This pose appeared in the Australian issue and is a rare example of an undraped Susan.

Even more pussy play for Susan in the brown "headache" outfit.  Again the selective exposure of her body works well here.  Some photographers had to conceal parts of their models with clothes if they weren't quite as perfect as desired.  This was especially true in the early days of Penthouse as Bob Guccione wouldn't permit retouching.   Susan, however, is perfect so the concealment of her body is purely for artistic effect.

Here are another couple of fine anal studies like the one that appeared in the Australian issue.  I wonder if Susan knew what she was revealing here?

These final three pictures of Susan by Dieter Schmidt are variants of the one from the US magazine which so excited our girlfriend.  She wasn't into girls at all (I think, although she did have a lot of pictures of Victorian nudes in her flat, come to think of it) but was intrigued by the concept of a woman displaying such an intimate part of herself in such an abandoned manner.  The effectiveness of the shots is enhanced by the fact that Susan's hands are covering her pussy completely.  It's all about that superbly inviting anus for Schmidt.

Now usually when we feature a Penthouse Pet it is often impossible to find any more pictures of her.  Often they posed once, took the money and went back to their normal life.   However, in Susan Gabrielson's case we have found a few more of her from a couple of pictorials in  a number of European magazines.

 Susan is the blonder of the two women in this tropical and not too naughty girl girl set by Michel Moreau from the French magazine Pulsions in 1988.  The other girl was known as Elaine but is Sarah Faucher.

Given these pictures it would have been splendid if Susan had posed for a Penthouse girl/girl set at the time.  A lost opportunity!

The pictorial was entitled Eli & Lou although which one Susan is supposed to be we are not sure; Lou we would assume as Eli is likely to be Elaine.  She had some solo shots in the pictorial including this entertaining one where she demonstrates the best way to brace a fishing rod.

Given the universal appeal of two blondes romping on a tropical beach it's not surprising that Moreau sold pictures from the shoot to many other magazines as well.

Here are some more pictures of the girls from the Japanese magazine Cool Guy.

Here is the reverse angle shot of the girls behind the metal railings.  This couldn't have been printed in the Japanese magazine, of course, because of the visible pubic hair.

These two from the same waterfall location as in the Japanese magazine demonstrate, shockingly, that Susan can smile!

Here are some additional rather more tactile and interactive shots of Susan and Sarah from Cool Guy magazine.

Again, these shots give us an idea of what a Penthouse girl/girl set featuring Susan might have been like.  Splendid!

More on the beach from Japan's Cool Guy Magazine.  More smiles from Susan!

More frolics on the sand from pictorials which appeared in a number of other magazines.  Susan's face is transformed when she is smiling!

Here is the final shot we can find of Susan.  It is conceivable and, indeed, likely, that all these pictures were shot on the one shoot and that this and her Penthouse shoot were her only two modelling assignments.   If so it's a shame as she was one of our favourite Pets of the eighties and her rear end shots are particularly splendid.


  1. Your point about Penthouse Pets disappearing after their appearance in the magazine, especially during the 80's, is an issue that I discussed on a forum with the widower of Phyliss Partin, July '85, US Penthouse. They were nudists, and they just answered the ad in the back of the magazine, which solicited for models. When she sent her pictures in, she was immediately invited to come out to LA to pose, and she did, bringing along her husband (he was even on hand during the shoot). After a quick one day of shooting, and a few subsequent promotional appearances, they just went back to their lives and back into obscurity.

    One wonders if Guccione's business model was find a cute girl, shoot her quick, and let her get back to her life, before she got all starry-eyed, and wanting to be a "star", or an "actress", etc. (Hefner pushed his girls into the limelight as much as he could, on the other hand.) The Pets seemed to be more public by the 1990's, especially with the girls' appearances in video cassettes, music videos, B-movies, and porn.

    The example of Susan Gabrielson is similar, though she's probably my favorite Pet of the 1980's. That is the most exquisite centerfold the magazine ever published.

    1. Good points. Penthouse was very much a magazine whereas Playboy was a whole organisation that could promise (although it rarely delivered) a whole new life. I wonder too if the slightly more acceptable image of Playboy meant that those girls who posed to "become noticed" went to Hefner whereas the ones who just wanted to make a bit of cash and disappear chose Penthouse.

    2. Oh and that centrefold is a brilliant composition. I love the sparkle of golden hairs up the back of her legs. The whole thing is cool and enticing.

    3. Sorry to hear the bad news about Phyllis Partin. Another one having left us. Somehow, it was always consoling to know that they would touch the earth somewhere and would - perhaps and hopefully - graciously age. (OK, I admit I am romantic.) She was - like Susan - one of the permanent revelations about women, womanhood, beauty, sexuality, sensuality, that PH presented me with during the 80ies.

    4. Too many of these ladies died before their time...

    5. Anonymous' post is mostly correct. I should know as I was Phyl's husband. Phyl and I were regular readers of Penthouse. She in particular liked the pictorials of two women and the letters to the Forum that were written by women. I submitted photos of Phyl that I had taken in Sept 1984. When I told Phyl what I had done she laughed at me, saying that she was not nearly as pretty and sexy as the girls we looked at. We forgot about it after a while. And then a week before Christmas 1984 Earl Miller called. Phyl went to L.A. a few weeks later and I joined the next day. The shoot took four days in all. It was quite an experience.

    6. Thanks for this, My then girlfriend's appreciation of other women was very similar at the time we bought this magazine.