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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bastille Day Venus: Isabelle Chaudieu, Miss France 1985

It's Bastille Day today, when all our French cousins have the day off, drink Champagne and watch the Tour de France.  What more Gallic way to celebrate than presenting a Miss France from the past (surely one of the more difficult beauty contests to win).  In this case we have the notorious Isabelle Chaudieu who took the title on December 27th 1984, just four days short of her eighteenth birthday.

"What a lovely, young example of French womanhood," everyone must have thought of the pretty Miss Cote d'Azure.  "I wonder what she looks like without her swimsuit?" thought many others.  Unfortunately for Isabelle's reign as Miss France, they were soon to find out.  The following month Lui magazine's February issue was published and featured her in a set of pictures demonstrating exactly that.  They didn't exactly hide her away either but splashed her all over the cover.

Lui February 1985

Now, even though Lui's nudes were very tasteful and far less gynaecological than they had been in the late seventies displays of her seventeen year old pussy such as this were clearly far too much.  Even worse were the pictures of her in her Miss France sash, we suspect.

Carole Tredille becomes the replacement Miss France in February 1985

On 31st January 1985, just over a month after taking the title, she was removed as Miss France and replaced by the runner up in the competition, 18 year old Miss Savoie, Carole Tredille.  She wan't the first Miss France to be dethroned because of nude pictures.  Just two years earlier, another Isabelle, this time Turpault, had lost her crown for pictures (which were a lot less graphic then Mlle Chaudieu's) which appeared in Paris Match.

UK Penthouse 1986

Freed from the confines of being Miss France, which she did not enjoy and complained that she wasn't making as much money as she had as a model, Isabelle went on to appear in many other men's magazines of the time, including a memorable set in British Penthouse in 1986.  We will examine her in a lot more detail in another post.  Thanks to our Canadian friend C for the Lui scans.

Carole Tredille enjoys herself

Ironically, her replacement, Mlle Tredille would go on to be even more notorious, not only appearing in the same sort of magazines as Mlle Chaudieu but then going on to have a brief hard core career (fortunately after her time as Miss France).

Mlle Tredille makes Sig Rocco Siffredi's day


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