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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Non centrefold Venus of the Month 25: Penelope, September 1976

It's ages since we have had a non-centrefold of the month so we present Penelope from September 1976.  Now, Triple P knows that it's not September but we have got so behind in our postings that this post should have gone up in September 2013.  Oh well, we shall try and catch up a little over the next month or so!

This is the first non-centrefold or centrefold we have posted from Knave magazine.  Knave was first published in 1968 and is still going today.  Published by Galaxy Publications it was the more up-market sister to its slightly older stablemate Fiesta.   Both Harlan Ellison and Neil Gaiman wrote for Knave in the past.  It was at the bolder end of the men's magazine market in early seventies Britain and showed its first split beaver as early as 1973.  It also had a lot of boy girl pictorials which often featured its male models penises in a way that even Penthouse had yet to do in 1973 and 1974.

Anyway, this lady is Penelope as photographed by her husband, according to Knave, who was Norwegian photographer/illustrator Bjorn Morrisse.  In fact there was a Bjorn Morrisse who was an illustrator at this time.  He was also a musician in a group called The Young Norwegians so this could very well be true.

Penelope, the magazine says, was British and an actress who had worked in both the UK and Australia.  The photographer's approach to his subject was very Penthouse-like; with some soft focus and boudoir style, although the furniture is contemporary.

Penelope even indulges in some mild self-caressing shots.  

The second batch of shots are rather different in style and certainly location as we are now in a much more old fashioned interior.  Penelope looks older here and we don't think that it is just the less diffused photography.

We don't know for certain but we think that these shots may have been taken some years apart.  The style of clothes in the first ones is much more early seventies than mid seventies.

The poses are also more explicit with Penelope spreading her lovely thighs with more abandon.

The text accompanying the piece talks about her acting credits in some detail and if they are correct (and that's quite a big if) then we think we may have made a positive identification of the lady.

The piece said that Penelope had appeared in The Saint, The Persuaders and The Avengers.   There is only one actress called Penelope who appeared in all three and that is Penelope Horner, who was born in 1942.

Gideon's Way (1964)

These pictures of her were taken around ten or fifteen years earlier than the magazine pictorial.  The article in Knave said she was thirty but if it is Horner (and the lips, in particular, are very distinctive) she would have been 34 at the time.  

This would tie in with her older appearance in the second half of the pictorial and the more early seventies look at the beginning of the pictorial which could have been shot when she was thirty in, say, 1972.

Women's faces change a lot between their early twenties and early thirties but we think this just may be be her.  The lips nose and eyes look identical.


  1. great blog! by any chance do you have a pictorial by fred enke called "the desert thong?" it appeared in the march '76 us edition of club magazine. i found it in the woods at age 8 and it changed my life...

  2. I do have it but can't access it at present due to work on the house. Give me ten days or so! Always happy to deal with requests!

  3. i've waited since 78 or so, i can wait a few more days. thanks so much!

  4. Bjørn Morisse was a musician in the olden days, later much better known as a gifted artist and illustrator. I'm fairly certain he took these pictures and that this was his wife. He also recorded a Norwegian version of Country Joe McDonald's Quiet Days In Clichy, but it was banned in Norway because of its sexually explicit lyrics. Bjørn Morisse died in 2006, but I have no idea what happened to the pretty Penelope. The pictures of her on the sofa wearing some kind of headscarf are very good.

  5. That portrait of her with the very blonde hair looks like Rebecca de Mornay...

  6. I dunno Triple P, I think Penelope Horner has a wider jaw and fuller mouth than the woman in these pics

    That said, the one with the split crotch thingy and the floppy hat was fantastic!

  7. I truly wish this was her - I found this page after seeing (incredulously) the photoshoot mentioned on IMDb when I checked her out after being blown away by her on a recent screening of The Saint. But I just don't recognise her as the same woman at all - just not as pretty (or what I believe was naturally blonde) plus the chin is the decider as the model has a more triangular face. And I just don't see an actress, even one who never really made the big time, doing this kind of photoshoot. I wish more of them would though...