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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 57: Charlotte, February 1978

Well we have had a request from another anonymous reader for a centrefold who is one of those displayed on the masthead of our Centrefold of the Week blog.  Given we still have many slots to fill to get our monthly ladies up to date it doesn't matter that she is from February, as we did not post a Centrefold of the Month in February this year.  If we can get one up a week we should soon catch up!

The girl, called Charlotte in the magazine, appeared as the centrefold in Club (the US version of Men Only) in February 1978, although she did not make the cover.

She did appear, in her splendid silver knickers, nine months later on the cover of the November 1978 issue, however.

The same picture was used on the cover of the November 1978 edition of Men Only in the UK.  Unlike the November Club, however, her centrefold pictorial was actually in the same issue.  This is rather unusual as it was more normal for pictorials to appear in Men Only a couple of months before they appeared in Club in the US, not the other way around.

This pictorial was shot by Barry Vincent, a Paul Raymond regular photographer, on an unusually minimalist set consisting of a bed, a chair, a few cushions and a futuristic reflective backdrop. 

Charlotte's silver knickers, which were really displayed to best effect in pussy moulding prominence on the cover of the November issues of Club and Men Only, are quite nostalgic for Triple P.  

Triple P attended a reception at a European space museum in the Netherlands a few years ago.  Accompanying us was our then girlfriend K who was Irish and was convinced that the venue would mean that everyone would dress up in space-themed clothes.  They did not, of course, but she brazened it out in her silver mini-dress, silver boots and, most enticingly, silver knickers.  We did enjoy her strutting around our hotel room later, dressed just in the boots and knickers drinking Champagne out of the bottle.

Sadly lacking either boots or mini dress Charlotte does have a silver jacket which only makes her look a bit like a baked potato.  K's full dress, of course, gave off far greater Spud-u-like vibes; not that she appreciated the comparison.

Charlotte keeps her jacket on throughout the pictorial in what is a very simple and straightforward shoot.

There are no changes of clothes or setting and the whole session can't have taken very long to do.


 Charlotte presents herself in typical vulva displaying Club style for the time.

We do get a couple of shots of Charlotte on a shiny, stainless steel chair as well.   The sunglasses are particularly late seventies!

This is the only assertive rear-end shot by Vincent but the final one of Charlotte, legs in the air, anus winking invitingly, is as perfectly posterior fixated as any other Club photo at the time.

There would be nothing as explicit in Men Only back over the other side of the Atlantic, as Paul Raymond's publications had backed off ever increasingly graphic shots in the second half of 1977.

So we will also post the Men Only shots or, at least, those which were different from the ones that appeared in Club, starting with this ecstatic opening double spread from the November 1978 issue.

Some of the shots were identical, such as this one we have seen above and we are only including it to show how the UK magazine obscured Charlotte's pussy compared with Club in the US.  There were four other pictures which were identical to those in the US Club which were censored like this. 

The UK pictorial made rather more use of the metal chair than the US version.

The three photos above are unique to the Men Only pictorial but Charlotte's lovely pussy has been obscured.  Nevertheless, the knickers around the ankles one is still engagingly effective.

The Men Only centrefold shot of Charlotte is different from the Club one but does, at least, offer a glimpse of Charlotte's labia, albeit darkened in that strange way that the Paul Raymond magazines were doing at the time.  It was about this time that Triple P got his first close up look at a young ladies bits and remembers being surprised how pink they were.  No doubt our surprise was due to the number of ladies we had seen with darkened labia like this in Raymond's magazines!


  1. What a lovely vulva, and nicely dressed with hair too.

  2. One 'centrefold of the month' per week would be lovely, especially when they're as good as this one. Very beautiful. Many thanks!

    1. I have two more in process, one of whom is particularly lovely!