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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Austrian Venuses for 8.5 million views

Heidi Becker, June 1961

We passed eight and a half million views last week and to celebrate we present Playboy's only Austrian Venuses, as Austria has a population of almost exactly 8.5 million.  Agent Triple P has travelled to Vienna quite a bit on business and had a holiday in the Tyrol a few years ago too, so can vouch for the loveliness of Austrian women.  It is rather surprising that Playboy has only had two Austrian Playmates, therefore, and these were a long time ago.   

Heide Becker, December 1979

First was Heidi Becker, born in Klagenfurt, for the June 1961 issue.  Twenty at the time of her pictorial, she proved to be a popular Playmate and was featured in a retrospective in the December 1979 issue when she posed again at the age of 39.  Now living in California, she is seventy three. 

Susan Denberg

The second Austrian Playmate, Susan Denberg, was actually born in Bad Polzin in Germany (now Polczyn-Zdrój, Poland) as Dietlinde Zechner in 1944 and was the centrefold for Playboy's August 1966 issue.  Oddly, she grew up in Klagenfurt, birthplace of Heide Becker.   Initially a showgirl, she modelled and began an acting career appearing in the Hammer film Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) and a famous episode of Star Trek; Mudd's Women in 1966.

Peter Cushing with Denberg in Frankenstein Created Woman

Mysteriously, she disappeared from the public eye in 1967 and for many years was believed to have died of an overdose.  Later it was revealed that she was still alive and living back in Klagenfurt.  She is sixty-nine years old.


  1. There was (I am almost certain) at least one Austrian Playmate in the German edition of Playboy.

  2. Congratulations, Triple P.

    Hey, Miss July, UK Emily, seems to have broken into your collection ...

    1. And very welcome she'd be to roll around in it! She's from a town just 13 miles from where I live - my sister was born there! I need to feature her!