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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Venus in a Corset 1: Le Corset Noir by Brassaï

We are starting a new occasional series with this fine study by Brassaï (1899-1984) from the early nineteen thirties.  By this period the wearing of corsets by women had pretty much ceased; killed off by the more sensible dress which developed during and after the Great War.  Brassaï, therefore. was making an overt sexual statement about women's shape and the power of selective exposure with this shot.

Although Brassaï is correctly referred to as a Hungarian photographer (his father was Hungarian but his mother was Armenian) he was actually born Gyula Halász in Brassó, Transylvania which is now part of Romania (although at he time of his birth  was part of Austria-Hungary).

He studied art and sculpture in Budapest but as a teenager served in an Austro-Hungarian cavalry regiment during the Great War.  After the War Brassaï (which just means from Brassó) moved to Berlin and then, in 1924, to Paris where he took up photography under the guidance of fellow Hungarian photographer André Kertész.  He lived in France for the rest of his life and became a French citizen in 1949.

His first book of photographs, Paris de nuit, was published in 1933, about the time this photograph was taken, and was an instant success.

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