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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Polish Eurovision Song Contest Venuses: Luxuria Astaroth, Paula Tumala and Ola Ciupa

Thanks to Zakkers for identifying the two Polish models who provided the most interesting and hilarious bits of this year's Eurovision.   The two controversial background girls were the butter-churning model Paula Tumala (right) and clothes-washing Ola Ciupa (left).

Luxuria (back) instructs the other Slavic girls on how to maintain a firm grip

Paula wasn't in the original video for the song, Slavic Girls, where the principal butter-churning girl was the gorgeous Luxuria Astaroth, who turned nineteen on the day of the Eurovision finals.  Perhaps she was too busy having a party to take part.

Given Triple P's preference for dark haired girls over blondes it was a disappointment she couldn't make it to Copenhagen, as her performance with the butter churn in the original video was far more licentious than what we saw on stage.

Luxuria may not be that keen on pole gripping (so to speak) as at a recent event in her home country she turned up with the person she described as her girlfriend and promptly gave her a big kiss in front of the delighted press.

The leggy Luxuria (that can't be her real name, surely?) is a top lingerie model in her native country, displaying her lovely limbs for stockings advertisements.

Even better, Luxuria is in this month's Polish edition of Playboy.  Missing out on the Eurovision is a blow to what could have been a very good profile raising double-header.  We are disappointed to see however that she is another beautiful girl who is scarring her body with a hideous tattoo.  Stop!  Tattoos are for ugly people!  Don't ruin such perfect skin!

Paula in the Eurovision final

Luxuria's substitute for butter-churning on the stage in Copenhagen was Paula Tumala.  Indeed she got much of the post-event picture coverage, sparking one of the UK judges, soprano Laura Wright, to accuse the performance of being softcore porn.

Wright on?  We think not!

Laura Wright would never, of course, use her looks and sexuality to promote her music, as this cover photograph from one of her records clearly demonstrates.  We suspect she may just be jealous of the Polish girls' superior developments.  If she was built like Katherine Jenkins the story might be very different!

Anyway, Paula is the oldest of our trio of Polish beauties as she was born in 1987, the poor old thing.  Another lingerie model she is quite happy to pose in rather less than she wore on stage.  Miss Wright would be shocked!

Miss Tumala was born in the western Polish town of Gorzów Wielkopolski.  Agent Triple P can certainly vouch for the beauty of women from this part of Poland, following his enjoyable visit to Poznan last summer.

Five foot seven inch tall Paula has a 39-24-33 figure although her bust is not, sadly, as nature gave her, despite the comments to the contrary by Cleo, the singer of the Polish Eurovision entry.  We almost forgive her, though, as her legs and arse are so taut!  Face down she would be perfectly acceptable, however.

Plastic or not, Paula is quite happy to display them, however.

Our final Polish popsy appeared doing a spot of washing onstage in Copenhagen.  Ola Ciupa is a model and TV presenter on Polish station ITV, so is rather better known than Paula in her home country.

In March she was on the cover of Polish magazine CKM (the Polish equivalent of FHM) and posed inside.

Ola is, depending on who you believe, either 21 or 23 years old.  Either way, she looks very fine indeed.

Last month Ola showed even more for CKM by displaying her perky (and natural-looking) bust and pert posterior.

So thank goodness for these Polish ladies and their successful efforts in cheering up what otherwise would have been a rather gratuitous girl-free Eurovison.


  1. where are the beards ? i'm asking ?


    1. I think they shaved them off, like most young women today!

  2. Like Triple P, I prefer dark haired women over blondes but I must say there is something about Eastern European women that is remarkable; they have such amazing figures, beautiful skin and luminous eyes. It is almost as if they have been starved post world war 2, from the sugar, junk food and addiction to alcahol we have in the West which makes them look so innocent, pure and incredibly sexy.
    Let's hope they do not spoil that amazing skin with a desire to follow the Western trend for tattoo's and plastic breasts!

    1. Indeed! over the last ten years or so I have travelled extensively in Eastern Europe and the beauty of their women is remarkable. In addition they seem genuinely more friendly and have an old fashioned attitude towards men that makes them altogether delightful!