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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 60: Suzette May 1977

Much to our surprise, we have managed to keep our centrefolds of the week posted regularly and this assertively posed young lady is the current one.  Loveletters has asked to see more of her so we are delighted to present her complete pictorial  here.

Suzette (we aren't offered a last name) was the centrefold from May 1977's Chic, magazine.  Chic was Larry Flynt's "upmarket" sister publication to Hustler.  Launched in November 1976 it had a number of distinguishing features compared with Hustler and other magazines of the time.  Firstly, it had larger pages than its competitors, secondly its pictorials were unencumbered by the usual fatuous text supposedly relating to the model, thirdly all the pictures of its girls were either full page or two pages.  Because the pictorials were quite short it mean that you got just half a dozen or so images (compared with, say, the fifteen plus which were more usual in the likes of Penthouse).

We don't get the name of the photographer here but it was likely to be someone from the Hustler stable; possibly James Baes from the look of the pictures.  Some of the models featured in Hustler's early days had been a bit ropy as they were, initially, strippers from Larry Flynt's clubs who were earning a bit of money on the side (and Hustler paid about a third less than its competitors).  

You couldn't accuse the girls in Chic of being ropy, however.  In fact they were all utterly gorgeous and could carry off, as Suzette does here, a full page portrait just as well as the girls from Playboy's "European" sister magazine Oui did.

However, even in 1977, their poses were far more explicit than what Oui was showing with; visibly aroused-looking labia boldly displayed.

While 1976 had been the year of the pussy in men's magazines 1977 was becoming the year of the provocatively displayed anus and here Suzette presents us with her enticing rear entrance.

There had been a few anuses on display in Chic since the beginning of the 1977 but nothing to match Suzette's pictures of her actually touching hers.  Chic was comprehensively showcasing the new erogenous zone in magazines here.

Keen followers of our monthly centrefold posts will notice that there is a big numerical gap between this one and the previous one.  This is because we are, essentially, a year behind in our posting, so while this entry relates to 2014 the previous ones are still filling up 2013's contingent.  Expect more over the next few months as we try to catch up!


  1. What a beautiful asshole. G$

  2. Suzette is utterly gorgeous all ways round. What a beautiful and supremely sexy woman! Thanks very much appreciated.

  3. Very sexy indeed, anyone know who the hot girl is on the cover? She is worth looking into.

    1. She is Kim from the same issue. She only has a few pictures inside so I will post them over on Venus Observations tomorrow...