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Friday, May 16, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 46: Angel, March 1978

S, from Vancouver, has contacted Triple P and pointed out that we haven't had a centrefold girl for two and a half months and this is not a very good way to go about filling the gaps in our monthly coverage!

Looking at our list in the right hand sidebar we see that we are missing an entry for March.  We decided that we couldn't have yet another lady from Penthouse and, in order to get something up quickly a Playboy Playmate would probably involve too much research.  Our first Hustler centrefold, which we posted back in December, has had a lot of views and given that they kept their models anonymous (or, at least, used assumed names) we wouldn't have to research the girl's film and TV career, other magazine appearances or favourite charities.  No doubt someone out there will know who she is!

In addition S (who is in a slight grump with Triple P as we should be in South America this week, but Triple P could not go in the end) thinks too many of our recent posts have been visually a bit too "tasteful".  Now S is a woman with a very refined sense of taste but does occasionally does like to get a bit (a lot!) dirty.  So she has warned us off posting another Victorian harem painting (which was our intention - although it will still appear again shortly) and told us to put up something "with a lot of cunt in it".  This, of course, immediately suggested Larry Flynt's notorious Hustler magazine.  

As readers of our Pubic Wars posts will know Penthouse started to show glimpses of its models labia in 1974.  Hustler, which was first published in July 1974 soon did the same.  In that year's December issue, however, their Hustler's Honey displayed her bits in a way that had not been seen to date on the newsstands of America.  Bob Guccione came back and did the same thing within a few months and from that point on the vulva took over as the prime focus of erotic photographs in men's magazines.

Things were a little more circumspect in Britain but even here, by the end of 1975, Paul Raymond's magazines Men Only and (especially) Club International were doing the same thing.  An article in Men Only looked at the development of the erotic photography of women at this time and examined the trend for "genitally oriented" pictures by the likes of Fred Enke and Amnon Bar-Tur.  As the piece said:  "Why shouldn't a beautiful woman have a beautiful cunt?"

Ironically for Agent Triple P, by the time he was old enough to buy these magazines Paul Raymond Publications had backed off showing "beautiful cunts" and had by the end of 1977, largely, started to obscure their models labia and, especially, the recent trend for showing anuses.  

Anyway, these thoughts are appropriate given the assertive display by the March 1978 Hustler's Honey who was only known as Angel. Photographed by Hustler in-house photographer James Baes. this pictorial was certainly about displaying her beautiful cunt as much as possible.

Not just her cunt (S insists we refer to it as that as she feels euphemisms are "mealy mouthed" when talking about this part of a woman's anatomy - even though you can't be mealy mouthed when writing) but, as we can see, her arsehole as well.

Hustler, unlike Playboy and Penthouse, tended to use large full page or double page pictures of its models so already we have exhausted the pictures included in the magazine itself.  Fortunately we have some outtakes, the first of which is fine portrait of this very beautiful young woman.  There is something of a young Nicole Kidman about her in this one, we think, which would certainly appeal to S!

This one is a slightly different version of the magazine's opening double page picture.  The yellow wall and accessories are very effective in this pictorial.  Baes had an excellent eye for colour and made sure that the background set didn't distract from the girl too much which certainly couldn't always be said for Penthouse and Playboy.  You certainly never saw a set decoration credit in Hustler as you occasionally did in the other two magazines.

Although we really only saw it in one picture in the actual pages of the magazine , the shoot made good use of a carefully positioned mirror, something that Bob Guccione was also fond of as a photographer.  S enjoys a mirror in the bedroom and is delighted if we visit a hotel that features large mirrors, such as the Zaza where we often stay in Houston.  By reversing the direction Angel is lying on the bed Baes displays her face in the reflection in one shot and her pussy in the other.

By getting her to pose face down in this one he presents the profile of her very perky bottom in the mirror.  They must have spent ages getting the angle of it right!

He doesn't always feature the reflection in the pictures however.  In this sensual shot Angel's reflection isn't really visible at all

In some shots Baes introduces some flashes of red into the colour scheme, although we don't think it particularly works and makes the shots a bit overly fussy.  They didn't use any of these in the magazine, it should be noted.

This, of course, is a set not a real room so we have the same mirror appearing in two different dressings.  Firstly, as we have seen here, it is over the bed but for a number of shots the bed is replaced by a chair, allowing for some different variations of reflections.

Here we have a series of pictures which eschew the reflected image in the mirror in favour of more conventional depiction of Angel lovingly displaying her cunt on the chair.

Similarly, there are also some shots of Angel on the bed without the distraction of the mirror.  This one is very similar to one in the magazine pictorial.

The metal bedstead works as an effective framing device and helps introduce a note of voyeurism into the pictures.  Cropping right down gives us an effective cunt portrait.

Here Angel spreads her labia in the rather curious, but common, pose Hustler originated in the seventies. Penthouse got its girls to display themselves but it was some time before they took to using this rather unnatural conceit as well and it was never as common there.

Finally, when is a pussy picture not a pussy picture?  Here it is in those examples where Angel's lovely cunt plays second fiddle to her lovely arsehole.  Her anus appears in many of the other shots in the pictorial but somehow holds centre stage in these two.

However, none of them are as assertive as this one where, compared with the other shots, she appears to be actually bearing down and pushing her lovely sphincter out.   Finger-tingly effective and a very appropriate place to end!


  1. Very nice. Great pics of a beautiful woman. Thank you! G$

  2. There's a real distinction between the use of the word "cunt" in the UK and the US. In the US, it's among the most vulgar of words, second only to the N-word in people's reactions. If you called an American woman's pussy her "cunt" (or, sweet god, referred to her as a cunt), you'd be a dead man.

    On the other hand, it's been my experience that Brits call each other cunts all the time, often as a term of affection ("come'ere you cunt!"), but yeah: you're asking for serious trouble in the US if you start dropping C-bombs.

  3. Feminist women (like my friend) are trying to reclaim the word as a description of part of their body (as in The Vagina Monologues) as was the original Anglo-Saxon word. They take issue with a term describing the female anatomy being used as an insult. Oddly, this adoption by women of the word as a badge of honor has made its use diminished in the UK (as you described) compared with, say, twenty years ago for the same reason the N word has become unacceptable.