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Friday, April 18, 2014

8 million visits...and Jolanda Eggar

Yesterday Venus Observations passed 8,000,000 visits.  The last 500,000 of which were in just over two months.  As usual we will celebrate this milestone by finding some pictures of an undressed young lady from the country with the population closest to the number of views.

That country is Switzerland (pop. 7,997,000) and so we present Miss Jolanda Eggar, the only Playboy Playmate born in Switzerland.  She was Playmate of the Month for June 1983.  Given we have spent a lot of time today doing grubby work in clearing out the garage we have decided to feature Miss Eggar in some bathtime photos.  Who wouldn't want her to scrub your back at the end of the day?

The same month she was Playmate of the Month in German  Playboy but, unlike the US issue she went on to be German Playmate of the Year appearing in the June 1984 issue. 

Playboy Germany wasn't as coy as the US edition about getting its Playmates to display their charms on the cover of  the magazine in the mid-eighties.

Jolanda made a couple of very undistinguished films; one before and one after her Playboy appearance.  She lived in the Playboy Mansion for a year but was not one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, she later said.  Probably not blonde enough.

Later she was involved in motor racing and even raced Formula 3 cars.  She married fellow Swiss, Formula 1 racing driver, Marc Surer although they divorced seven years later and she is now on her third husband, who she married on her fiftieth birthday.  She is exactly three days older than Agent Triple P!

She was born in Luzern, a lovely city in Switzerland which Triple P first visited on one of the splendid steamers which the Swiss run across the lake.

A leggy 5' 8" tall she is a splendid example of Swiss womanhood and an excellent way to celebrate eight million views!


  1. Ah jolanda. I remember her well. Should have won playmate of the year. Beautiful Bush.