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Monday, March 17, 2014

Unshaven Venus: Kelly Cunningham in Lui

Agent Triple P appreciates a full thatch on a young lady's mound much more than the slightly weird fashion of complete hairlessness that prevails today.  Full marks to American actress and model Kelly Cunningham for appearing in February's Lui with a proper fur coat, therefore.

She appears in  Lui's February issue which is issue 4 in their new numbering.  Quite a good issue this (although why do they continue to insist on using the dreadful Terry Richardson as a photographer?), with an interesting article on Emmanuelle Arsan the "author" of the Emmanuelle books, which enlivened Agent Triple P's reading no end in the early seventies. Number 3 was for December/January so perhaps they are following the current habit of the likes of Playboy in only producing ten issues a year.

We can't find out much about the really rather gorgeous Miss Cunningham.  She has appeared in a number of short (arty, we suspect) films and has produced some herself.  Although, at 5'10" tall,you can see why she became a model.

We had some unseasonably warm weather here, in the south east of England, over the weekend and yesterday it actually reached 21 degrees (70 if you are a metrically unreconstructed American) and we saw the first denim shorts of the year out and about.  None worn with such effective insouciance as Miss Cunningham does here, however.

What is really noteworthy about this pictorial, however, are Miss Cunningham's defiantly unshaven armpits.  Now, while we like a girl with a nice smooth underarm area we can also appreciate, on the right girl in the right way, a light fleece as displayed by Miss C here.  I cannot think that any American magazine would show the young lady in such a natural state at present.  Playboy certainly wouldn't.

Back in the late seventies and early eighties all of Triple P's girlfriends were similarly endowed but as most of them were natural blondes or redheads the effect was rather more delicate.  To really appreciate their fluff you needed to give them a good wash to remove their tongue tormenting deodorant, however.

So full marks to Lui, Miss Cunningham and photographer Olivier Zahm for this delightfully unexpected presentation.



  1. Dear Triple P,

    I sense that the full thatch or a demi thatch is on the way back after the long time trend of the hairless pussy. This is to be greatly welcomed.

    The trend for beautiful women to cover themselves in ugly tattoos is deplorable and there must be a campaign to stop this vile practise.