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Monday, March 3, 2014

Centrefold Venus of the Month 45: Antonia Larsen, February 1984

Back to normal after our Winter Olympics interlude and time for another Centrefold of the Month.  We don't make any apology for that fact that we have another Penthouse Pet for February but this month we move from our more usual seventies centrefolds into the mid eighties.

It's the up until then, rather scary science fiction year of 1984.  Penthouse featured the Pet of the Month from November 1977, Deborah Zullo, on the cover, attempting to tone her chest muscles by the look of it.

 I'll be your dog!

Our young lady is Antonia Larsen in a pictorial photographed by Hank Londoner although his credit didn't actually appear on the pages of the feature, for some reason.

We're not going to post Antonia's pictures in the rather random order they appeared in the magazine but, instead group them by setting.  The pictorial begins with some photos of her by the water.

It's not just any old water, though, according to Penthouse it is the River Amazon in Brazil.  Occasionally, Penthouse would incorporate (lucky) bystanders into its international excursions and that is the case here with Antonia getting carried away with some locals.  The chap playing the harp in the boat is pretty random.

According to the text Antonia was 22 years old and 5'10"tall.  It also said that she was half Italian and half Swedish  but you have to take what Penthouse says in it's pictorials with a more than a pinch of salt.

There are number of abstracted photographs in this pictorial, such as this nice one of Antonia's bust.   She is the very definition of how shape is more important than size, as Triple P first girlfriend told him, rightly.

Although the river isn't in sight it's a reasonable assumption that they were photographed at the same location.  Here she shows of an appealing two piece outfit, displays her completely luscious mouth and demonstrates how she can touch her toes. 

Here, rather curiously, we find Antonia taking a little nap on a bed on the beach.  Whether this old bedstead was a found object by the photographic team or whether they ha d to carry it down to the waterside just for this shot we don't know, of course.  Still, it provides us with this completely splendid rear-end shot.

We're not sure if this is a piece of furniture or a sculpture but Antonia drapes herself nicely over it and has a little tweak while she is at it, as night falls.

How photographers must love it when a rainbow appears while they are shooting!

We weren't quite sure what this pole was when we first looked at these pictures but it turns out that they are a Brazilian made set of weighing scales of the type you get in doctor's surgeries.

As we can see from these two shots Antonia has left the river behind and is now in a bathroom where she has a shower, curiously, wearing a pair of swimming goggles.  

Penthouse quite often gave us a portrait of their models, something you don't see much in men's magazines these days, but Antonia is lovely enough to be worth portraying.

This outfit is a one off and doesn't appear in any of the other shots in the pictorial, sadly.

Here Antonia wears a basque and shows off some very big eighties hair.  Speaking of hair, here is a more intimate portrait of her in the same outfit.

The final picture from the magazine pictorial is another fine pussy portrait neatly showcasing her tan lines and a moistly inviting cunt.  

We have also discovered the equivalent pictorial of Antonia from Australian Penthouse which was published a month after the US edition.  Here we have the opening two page spread which has another version of the rainbow picture.

Interestingly nearly all of the pictures are different from the US edition.  These are not Triple P's scans, however, so the quality of some is rather poor but twe hought they were worth including in the post.

These two are different views of the bed on the beach and a reverse angle on the toe touching one.

Here we have a slightly less cropped (important for those who appreciate a lady's feet) one of Miss Larsen on the chair/sculpture plus a new kneeling one.

Here is the black basque again.

 A slightly more cropped version of Antonia's luscious lips.

This semi-silhouette in a white suspender belt does not have an equivalent in the US version of the pictorial, however.

Finally, we have two more of her looking delightfully damp in the shower.

Antonia reappeared in Penthouse exactly two years later in the February 1986 issue as Pet of the Year runner up, in a pictorial called Thriller.   The pictorial opened with this pussy caressing shot.

There was another picture of her displaying herself on the strange yellow chair/sculpture from the original Amazon shoot by Hank Londoner.

However, all the other shots in the 1986 pictorial were from a different shoot by Pat Hill.

These are slightly soft-focus, natural light shots and really showcase Antonia well.

Hill's final three shots all focus in on Antonia's labia, especially in the final, revealing photo.  Penthouse did like its pearls, especially draped between a girl's breasts or, as in this case, her thighs.


That's not quite all, as we have some outtakes from both the Londoner and the Hill shoots.  We start again, back on the beach.

A couple using turquoise as the key colour.  The outfit immediately above did feature in the original pictorial.

These ones of Antonia on a chair are from the same sequence as the semi silhouette shot from the Australian version.  This outfit didn't appear in the US magazine.

A couple more of big haired Antonia in her black basque and purple stockings.  it's amazing how fashionable hair styles date.

The final extra from the Hank Londoner shoot is this nice squatting one from the shower location.  Still not sure about the swimming goggles.

The final outtakes are from the Pat Hill shoot and these present Antonia's rear aspect.

These three all draw attention to her crotch area, one way or another.  All very eighties pastel shades.

These ones have her assertively displaying her bits again.  Antonia, unlike some Pets we have featured in this blog, did not try to hide her Penthouse past and was happy to give interviews, although she admitted to one interviewer that Penthouse coached the girls in their answers on certain subjects (particularly the thorny issue of feminism).

When we begin to put these posts together we often have no idea about the life of the woman featured.  This was certainly the case with Antonia (who preferred to be called Toni, according to Penthouse).  We had this copy in our pile of recent purchases to be filed and as it was for February and we liked the girl we chose her to be February's Centrefold of the Month.

She wasn't like some Pets who literally appear in the one issue and then are never seen again because she did, as we have seen, appear in another pictorial two years later.  However, unlike Playboy who tend to use their Playmates over and over again, Penthouse was more likely to fire and forget their girls.  Coincidentally, a disproportionate number of centrefolds we have featured over the years have died before their time and it appears that Antonia (or Caren as she seemed to actually be called) is one too.  Apparently, she contracted AIDS in 1988 and died just eighteen months later in 1990.  If she was indeed 22 at the time of her pictorial she would have been under thirty.  Another beautiful girl taken from the world too soon.


  1. I remember seeing her pictorial when browsing through the US Penthouse at a local journal rack, but was out of money and a bit later, the issue was out of stock.
    Luckily, she also appeared a month later in the German Penthouse: much less explicit, but as beautiful. I have admired and kind-of-loved her since, and found her unique. One of those girls you see and they change your picture of what woman can be forever.

    So sad to hear that she has died so soon after. R.i.p.

  2. She was indeed a very beautiful woman. The image of her vulva in the middle of the sequence is reminiscent of Courbet's L'origine du monde.

  3. Very beautiful woman with a very striking face. The pictures of her in the bed on the beach are quite wonderful. The portraits are also excellent.

  4. I am shocked and saddened to hear of Toni's passing. I first met this funny, chatty and beautiful lady in Killington Vermont in the early 1980s. Some kind of promotional event. I took a few candid photos, we had lunch and became friends. To me she was a down to earth girl with a great attitude. We spent time together at many other events and she was always fun and easy to talk with. Thankfully I still have a few candid photos I took and have to remember her by. So very sad. May God Bless her always.
    A friend.

    1. Too many of these girls died before their time. You are lucky to have met her as she was certainly a beauty and it is good to hear she was a nice person too,