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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Olynpics Venus 9: Elena Nikitina

Twenty one year old Russian Elena Nikitina competed in the skeleton bob event in Sochi.  Originally a footballer she took up the sport in 2008 as a teenager.

There is nothing skeletal about Elena's figure, however; she is pleasingly curvy and posed, before the games, almost popping out of her skin suit.

She also did a few nice lingerie shots to prove that she is not just a muscle bound bottom and pair of thighs (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course!).

In the end, she did rather well, finishing in bronze medal position.  Not as good as Britain's Lizzy Yarnold, of course, but we can't imagine Lizzy posing in her underwear like this.  Still, it was Russia's first ever Olympic medal in women's skeleton and as she was ranked only 13th overall in the 2013/2014 season she did well.

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  1. Healthy! More muscle bound bottoms please!