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Monday, February 24, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 8: Tatiana Borodulina

Sorry we haven't had a Winter Olympics Venus for  awhile but Agent Triple P's PC has died so we have had to move, temporarily, to a laptop.  Even though the Sochi games has now finished we will post a few more fit young ladies before going back to our more usual fare.

This is Russian short track speedskater Tatiana Borodulina and a very outstanding young athlete she is too.

Twenty nine year old Tatiana was born in Omsk, in Russia.  She won four golds at the European Championships in 2005 and the following year competed in the 2006 Turin Olympics in 1500m but was disqualified.  Later that year she, and a number of other Russian skaters, decided to miss the World Championships.  Unfortunately because of this she was not available for a scheduled drugs test so was given a six month suspension.  Annoyed at the Russian authorities, she offered to compete for Australia, a country with  a long history of hoovering up athletes (especially Russians) from other countries and giving them citizenship.

In Vancouver in 2010 she competed for Australia and got to the quarter finals in the 1000m. With the next winter games in Russia she went back to competing for Russia but, again,didn't do that well in a sport dominated by stocky orientals with low centres of gravity.

Still, she was one of the Russian female Winter Olympians who posed for slightly racy photos before the games to "improve the image of Russian women athletes".  Tatiana's shots were slightly more risque than most, with the one above being Triple P's favourite and giving a good idea of where the power of speekskaters resides.

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  1. An excellent choice - she is stunning, what a fabulous body. The white dress photos are particularly arousing especially the delicious rear view. Well done the Russians in promoting their splendid female athletes!!