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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 7: Lolo Jones

The women's bobsleigh concludes today and one of the most famous athletes in the games, America's Lolo Jones, is competing in the USA 3 sled.

Like many bobsleigh brakemen, she was originally a track athlete; in sprint hurdles.  She is most famous for leading the Beijing Olympic final and then falling at the last hurdle.  It later turned out she had a spinal problem which meant that she could not feel her feet and, therefore, clipped the hurdles in the race.  

A successful operation cured the problem but her moment had passed and she finished fourth in the 2012 final.  

Her best hurdles results were indoors at the World Championships in 2008 and 2010 and it was this short distance speed that attracted the US bobsleigh team.  She joined the team shortly after the London Olympics.

In athletics, Jones was, in some ways,  the Americans' answer to Jessica Ennis, with a profile higher than her sporting achievements alone.  

Her beautiful face and sculpted figure attracted photographers outside the narrow confines of track and field.

Jones (left) and Fenlator in USA 3 yesterday

Sadly, her quest for a medal in Sochi ended yesterday when her sled finished a lowly 12th.  At the moment USA 1 is in the lead with relay Olympic gold medal winning sprinter Lauryn Williams is poised to become the first woman in history to win golds in both summer and winter Olympics.

Jones is still new to bobsleigh so it is conceivable she may try for Korea in four years time.  She will be 35 then but there are competitors in bobsleigh approaching 40 in this year's games.

Jones is very religious and a self-confessed virgin.  Let's hope she finds someone special to appreciate her exceptional beauty.

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