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Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 5: Anna Sidorova

The women's curling is well under way so today we present the lovely Anna Sidorova, skip (as they say) of the Russian team.

Curling was always considered a rather bizarre form of bowls on ice in the UK (except Scotland where it was invented) and suffered much derision until Great Britain unexpectedly won the gold medal in 2002 at the Salt Lake City games.

Suddenly everyone was interested in it and there was a resurgence of the sport in the UK.   Having spent some time in Canada Agent Triple P is very familiar with curling rinks and even had a meeting in one once, bizarrely.

Born in Moscow, Sidorova played as skip in a number of games in  the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, becoming the youngest player in that position at the games, at the age of nineteen.

Now twenty three years old she is the full-time skip for the Sochi team and will be hoping to build on their success at the European Curling Championships in 2012, when she led the team to gold.

Sidorova made the Olympics in Vancouver just five years after taking up the sport after her career as a figure skater ended following an injury.

These pictures, taken shortly before the current games, have really increased her profile in Russia although, needless to say, she is now saying that she wants to be known for her play not her looks

So far it's not going too well for the Russian ladies.  They have beaten Denmark, Switzerland and the USA, but lost to China, Japan and Korea.  Unfortunately tomorrow they take on mighty Canada so there even record is under threat.

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