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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 2: Anna Prugova

Out of uniform

Time for another Olympic Winter Venus and today we have the unusually svelte form of Anna Prugova who does not look like what you expect an ice hockey goal keeper to look like, particularly a Russian one.

Miss Prugova was at the centre of a controversial incident in Russia's game against Japan yesterday when the puck clearly crossed the line but no one seemed to notice except her so she fell on it and the play was whistled dead.  Either a dubious call or quick thinking by Miss Prugova who is an Olympic veteran despite only being twenty years old. 

In action

At the last winter Olympics she was the youngest player in the competition at the age of just sixteen.

In bed

Born in Khabarovsk, just 18 miles from the Chinese border in the far east of the country, she plays for Tornado Moscow Region like many of the other players in the Russian team.

On home ice they will be hoping to do better than the sixth place they managed in Vancouver.  Miss Prugova's performance will be key to this.

She seems quite happy to pose without her uniform and, indeed, a number of Russia'a Winter Olympics women stars have been photographed in their underwear in advance of the games.

This clearly demonstrates that successful,high achieving women in Russia have no time for all this dismal "objectifying" criticism that we are getting more and more of as ugly women realise that attractive,confident women usually do better in life and there is nothing they can do about it!

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