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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Olympics Venus 6: Julia Mancuso

A disappointing run on Saturday in  the controversial women's Super Giant Slalom for today's Winter Olympics Venus, Julia Mancuso.  

Having won the bronze medal in the combined she had a good chance to repeat her gold from 2006.  In fact, adding these two to silvers she won in the downhill and the combined in Vancouver makes her the most be-medalled woman Olympic Alpine skiier.

Sadly, it was not to be, on a fiendish course set by the Austrians which saw 19 of the competitors failing to finish.  In fact, of the early runners only one out of the first ten completed the course.

With the absence of Lindsey Vonn due to injury, Julia was the Americans great hope, as well as being the poster girl (literally) for the US alpine ski team.

Mancuso was born in Reno, Nevada and made her World Cup debut at the age of fifteen; scoring her first World Cup points two years later.

Her late 2013 season did not go so well; getting only one top fifteen place, so she took some time off from the circuit to prepare for Sochi; which obviously worked.

Julia is quite happy to pose in her underwear and less and in 2010 launched her own lingerie line, saying, "you can be feminine and fast", much to the disapproval of wimmin who say she is betraying women by turning herself into someone who is admired for her body not her athletic achievements.

Her lingerie line, Kiss my Tiara (a reference to the plastic tiara she was handed by teammates as a good luck charm) was so popular during the Vancouver Olympics that the firm's server crashed under the weight of enquiries.

In fact, we think women like Julia are a very positive force for young women these days.  It's good to see a different type of body shape than the emaciated sticks that pass for models.

We have a young neighbour who was very good at rowing but gave it up because it was making her legs too muscled.  What a shame.  If it was more acceptable for women to be fit and toned rather than either half starved or obese it would do much for body conscious young women.

Julia is a perfect example of a well-toned fit woman.  Look at the wonderful , rolling curves on her legs and posterior in the picture above.  Splendid!

Julia is only 5'6" tall, which is slight compared with many of the women on the circuit.  Lindsey Vonn, for example, is 5'10" and weighs 160lbs; 22lbs more than Mancuso.  Maria Höfl-Riesch, winner of the Sochi super combined and silver medallist in the Super Giant Slalom is over 6' and over 30lbs heavier than Mancuso.

Julia's technique makes up for her size, however, and the weight she has is elegantly distributed.

Tomorrow she goes in the Giant Slalom and she may have a good chance there as she is obviously going well.  Good luck Julia!


  1. favourite of your Winter Olympians. Big strong girl. Physicality and power, amazing thighs.

    1. She looks bigger than she is. Impressive shoulders, though!