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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

7,500,000 visits and Cindy Mejía Santa María

Usually, when we reach a milestone number of visits we look to find a young lady from a country with the nearest population.  In case that is difficult we look to an American state with a similar population and find, perhaps, a Playboy Playmate from there.

Neither criteria work for 7.5 million, however, so we have gone for the city with the closest population and that city is Lima, Peru.  So we have selected Cindy Mejía Santa María, Miss Peru Universe 2012 as our celebratory figure.

Cindy, who is an identical twin (now there's a thought) went on to represent Peru in 2013's Miss Universe competition in Krasnogorsk, Russia.  Although she was a pre-competition favourite she failed to make the last sixteen, inexplicably.

Born in Lima in 1987 she is 5'9" tall.  She enjoys, dancing riding and playing the flute!

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